Something tells me i have to dig deep into my pocket this year for a new workstation. Or probably just salvage any surviving hardware just enough to keep to project going. With frequent BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and graphics artifact bugs all over my screen may very well indicate early sign of hardware failure. I know which is software or hardware failure when i see one. I have this vision that those silicons in my hardware worn out gradually. Its a great investment over time if i could squeeze some more juice from this system so i can keep up with 10 more project before its life ends. I just can't wait to shift myself from AGP to PCI-E system and most importantly jump out from ATI box to NVIDIA hardware....current rendering really sucks hards especially those anti-aliasing crap.

I hope the next system will be some stuff like GIGABYTE mobo, NVIDIA Graphics, AMD or Intel (which any is cheaper) and prefer to be smaller and portable case. And hopfully if i can find great deal of LCD with 2048x higher resolution for better rendering space.