Its 2011, about time we should have a front engine type car in lines of SupermotoXL cars which we haven't seen for more than 4 years except for Truck category.  I guess you've seen the last shadowy preview of XYBORX few months ago. However those shadowy model has been confiscated replaced with new evolved model to be mold into XYBORX. Using the CONXERTO as base model to tansform into XYBORX the task has begun last month started with bulking the fontal chassis with cavity to fit in the front engine.  Task such as shifting the cabin/cockpit backwards, stretching the front chassis, flathening and uplifting the rear car, side engine ventilation, backward slide suicide door, narrow bladed headlights/rearlights, front and rear ducting and etc in progress.  Estimated completed within a month with all new looks almost resembles of mixture between LEXUS LFA, FERRARI, TVR or CORVETTE attributes. Since i'm almost half through constructing the car i might as well will blog its development later under "Concept and Development" section where you can watch how stuff was built.  Check it out later,