news_conxerto_nfsmwAwesome!!  Another great quality conversion work from our NFS guy: 'McLaren_3Dcm' after successfully converted CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1 models into "Need For Speed: Most Wanted" game.  His attention to smooth and precision conversion have push the status of CONXERTO into a new heights.  I was amaze to see the car looks more lively in NFS since the game uses more advance in-game rendering and lighting that give more "bling power appearance" than its last origin (4x4EVO2). So i would like to thanks him for his contribution and hard work for making this car available to various fans, gamer and car modders from various background and community. So if you have "NFS: Most Wanted" game you can head to this website url to download these add-on CONXERTO into your racing simulation scene. Once again i'm looking forward to see him (McLaren_3Dcm)  invlove in conversion work on my upcoming new design the CYBORX 2 this year and for the year 2011.  Hopefully this new car will give a huge kick in car design community as future prototype exotics.


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Thanks to: McLaren_3Dcm "Our converter buddy"