Improvement after improvement.....been pulling my hair for 3 weeks after my heart tells me XENTURION isn't fit to go public.  I do feel there was something wrong with the original design that doesn't seem to fit my usual "XL" quality.  The end design seems to be "not surfing with the wind"  or should i say "hammering the wind" design.  Because it was my first Super Carrier Class- Trailer Truck design building an aero dynamic or sporty attributes  on this model seems to be very doubting because its a "giant big block moving boxes" not a typical everyday Ferrari with dynamic looks that turn heads.  

Yes it was blocky design at 2nd phase of the final production....not until a week later after doing some surface stretches i accidentally found the right shape starting the frontal cabin till the end of the rear container.  Low CG driver cabin, slanted aero roof, container ends,  ventilated fender set, ventilated container and mini side spoilers gives a whole new look on XENTURION.  The front face lift inspired from Honda CIVIC grills, body lining from F22/VF aircraft and some inspiration i got from "Ghost In The Shell" series.  The truck now looks awesome and futuristic and closer to reality.  It is sometime i can accept maturely, logically and finally my heart says i've landed on the right spot.