altProbably too late for the introduction but better late than nothing i guess. Based on popular demand for more general multi purpose website a new site community called the COMMUNITY HIDEOUT is now launched along with SupermotoXL "Version 2" website releases side by side. The "Community Hideout" offer public and members to socialized via forum, show their work, sharing ideas, host videos, project gallery, schedule an event eg: online racing, trading zones, downloads plus centralized news feed for community to enjoy. The site not limited to a specific group of interest/activity but more open for general interest such as gaming, online racing, 3d modelling, graphics works, tech discussion and etc, anyone can drop in and start a club. Also for the first time the website also offer an "AWARD POINTS" system to award any active user/members who regularly active in posting, reading, download, upload works, sharing, chatting, login and any common form of activity in the website with variable value "POINTS" which can be use to purchase an item from SUPERMOTOXL DESIGN SHOP and its affliciates shop lots. Of course for those pasive user or unactive ones will get its points deducted by the system.

Sharing next door as usual the "SupermotoXL Designs" website have improve with more simple web layout, compact with resources, more interactive and straight to the point. Unlike previous site all my work which you can download are now located in the shop inventory, its still free and you don't need cash to download. All you have to do is gain more AWARD POINTS so that you can use those sum to purchase/trade with our products by being active in the simple as that. However is you're too lazy but well strap with cash you can buy straight using PAYPAL. I consider that as fair and square effort, since it took me hard work to built models and stuff for everyone and it time for you too to do the same bid by being active in the website.

Oh yes, at special times or season we do give away some "Real" stuff to active members. Maybe some hardwares or boy's toys as gifts. So start pumping up some points. Well also get some sponsors for the prizes too.

There are more to come soon for future expansion of this site, the future will be determine by the amount of members interest and activities. So come hide yourself in here and let get party.