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If you remember the last previous published review article on ORLANDOO  which quoted how much i love to have JJRC HERON X9, well guess what ..i've got myself the iconic! C-FLY DREAM mini drone which actually original release before cfly dream drone 100the rebranded JJRC HERON x9.  Sweet!  Its already have been months spending great time taking video, picture and Selfies (tracking/follow-me) on these drone i've already fell in love with its feature and has become staple drone to bring around on my backpack daily. Best of all its looks somehow familiar to DJI enthusiast...... go figure!..the DJI SPARK itself.

C-FLY DREAM mini drone has been around since mid year 2018 which garner much attention and speculation because of its uncanny resemblance to its rival the DJI SPARK.  The outline design of the C-FLY DREAM looks almost the same with DJI SPARK; the size factor, battery casing enclosure, the battery LED power indicator, 2x camera gimbal features, bottom hull like bodies, the flight automation functionality and also the C-FLY apps user interface design itself both for Android phone and also iOS phone support share almost the same designs.    The obvious differences between them that makes a huge gap between the C-FLY DREAM and DJI SPARK is the HD camera output quality and stability between them...yes you still can't beat the DJI in terms of aerial video and photography department plus DJI SPARK have smart gesture recognition feature which can detect movements and collision avoidance sensor which make C-FLY DREAM looks dumb but thats what you get for a half price drone.  The price offering during those time was around US$160 at its lowest and was going high up till USD$200 (approx.) somewhere by January 2019 which make it more appealing to consumer at that time including myself which is why i was determine to get one since i was too broke for a DJI SPARK which cost double. Fortunately sent me this drone to review and yay! they save my packet again,  thanks guys! To be honest i have no intention to fly an AP (Aerial Photography) type multirotor drone after my lastcfly dream drone 93 project building an iNAV driven Q250 size quadcopter intended to do simple FPV roaming and just to get as close to begin a portable drone for lowest buck.  So back then if i can't afford a multi role DJI SPARK/MAVIC like drone i can always build...but as i got older, i waste to much time and money just to build and tune it a quadcopter because with today miniaturized technology  its cheaper to buy out of the box quadcopter which already have tuned automation (GPS stuff)  than building my own quadcopter still get most bang for buck... and so C-FLY DREAM came at the right time, it was love at first sign; tiny, portable and cute packed with fun features without hefty price tag.  Which is why many first time drone user started to post their video on Youtube due to easy ownership of C-FLY DREAM drone.  Now everyone can fly!  ...does sounds like AIRASIA budget airlines motto ya?  

I have big multirotors/quadcopter in my collection including DJI PHANTOM all could carry my GoPro HERO 3 and 4 for 4K shots so why on earth i would get a tiny C-FLY DREAM on a shoddy 1080p HD?  Like read more about it down below about my thoughts and experience on C-FLY DREAM.

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Specification (as describe by vendor/manufacturer)

Brand: C-FLY
cfly dream drone 97Model: C-FLY DREAM

Size: 148 X 145 X 60 mm(L X W X H )
Rotor to rotor (X): 175mm
Flying weight (Battery & Propellers Included): 258g
Max Descent Speed: 1.5m/s
Max Speed: 20km/h
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 3000m
Max Flight Time:15mins (*Note: Should be about 12~13 mins)
Max Total Travel Distance: 3km
Operating Temperature Range: 0~40°
Satellite Positioning Systems:  GPS/GLONASS
Hover Accuracy Range: (Vertical: +/- 0.5 m)  (Horizontal: +/- 0.5 m) (when Optical flow is active: +/- 1.0m)
Operating Frequency:  (FCC: 5.150-5.250GHZ); (CE: 5.150-5.250GHz)
Transmitter Power (EIRP): 5.2GHz FCC:<=23dBm
WIFI protocol type: 802.11ac (5GHz)
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Optical flow system 
Operating Environment: Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 15)
Velocity Range:  ≤1.5 m/s at 6.6 ft (2 m) above ground
Altitude Range:  0.5~5m


Controllable Range/Pitch: -90°~0°
Stabilization: 2-axis(pitch,roll)


Sensor: 1/2.7"CMOS (*Note: 18 pin camera module)
Lens: FOV 110° 42 mm(35 mm format equivalent)
ISO Range: (video: 100 - 3200) (photo: 100 - 1600)
Image Size: 2560x1440
Video Recording Resolution: FHD 1920x1080
Supported File Format:  FAT32(<=64GB)cfly dream drone 107
Photo extension format: JPEG (*.jpg)
Video extension format: MP4 (*.mp4)
Supported SD Cards:  Micro SD™ (Max capacity: 64GB) Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required
Operating Temperature Range: 0~40°


1000 mAh
Voltage: 11.4V
Battery Type:  LiPo 3S
Energy:  11.4 Wh
Net Weight: about 80g
Charging Temperature Range: 5~40°
Max power: 15W


Live view on smartphone screencfly dream drone 45
Downloadable Mobile App: C-Fly
Require smartphone WIFI protocol type: 802.11ac (5GHz)
Live View Quality: 720p
FPV transmission distance: 800m
Required Operating Systems to run the App: iOS 9.0 or later Android 5.0 or later  (*Note: Minimum Android 4.4.4)

External Supplied Charger + Cord
Voltage: 12.6V
Rated Power: 18W

Remote Controller
Operating Frequency: 5GHz
WIFI protocol type: 802.11ac (5GHz)
Max Transmission Distance: 800m
Operating Temperature Range: 0~40°
Transmitter Power (EIRP):  (FCC: <=26dBm); (CE: <=20dBm); (SRRC: <=20dBm)
Operating Current/Voltage: 1.5A@3.7V
Supported Mobile Device Size: (Thickness Supported: 6.5-8.5mm) (Max length: 80mm)
Charging port: Micro USB
Max charging power: 5wcfly dream drone 99

Battery of Remote Controller
Capacity: 2600mAh
Voltage: 3.7v
Battery Type: LiPo 18650 1S
Energy: 9.62Wh
Charge: about 4h
Operating Temperature Range: 5~40°



Package included:

1x C-FLY DREAM mini drone
1x Stick controller
1x Charger and mini USB cable
1x A bag contain pair of spare CW + CCW foldable propeller and hex tool.
1x Manual book + Safety sheet



*Extra requirements (Smartphone):

  • Support smartphone that runs iOS or Android.
  • If you're running on  Android platform must have minimum using ANDROID KITKAT 4.4.4 version and above to be able to use C-FLY apps.
  • Smartphone must support 802.11ac WIFI (Latest 5G WIFI) protocol to be able to connect to both C-FLY DREAM drone and stick controller.
  • Must equipped with GPS built-in for 'Follow-me' and other autonomous features.


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  • Almost looked like/smiliar DJI SPARK,  very solid build, nicely design and doesn't look cheap. Something to be proud off when you carry and show around in the public.

  • Even the android apps user interface design looked almost like a DJI SPARK apps....almost.  Easy to use C-FLY apps help beginners how to calibrate before flight, shows warning if compass/magnetic error occur, fail safe and etc.  Ideal for beginners into basic aerial photography drone or for those new into multirotor drone AP style flight.

  • Have all the advanced flight feature you would get on high end portable drones such as 5G WIFI manual control, autonomous (waypoint) flight, Tack (Follow me), auto Return To Home, Orbit (Selfie), Position hold or Altitude flight.

  • Have all nice gadgets and techy parts build into it such as 2x axis camera gimbal, brushless motors, foldable props, Pixhawk/PX4 driven flight controller, ground proximity sensor and 5G WIFI controller.

  • Small sized means portable, easy to carry, great for back packer and travelling.  Since i travel a lot on my bicycle the C-FLY DREAM was my favorite 'go to' drone.

  • You can connect the drone using either using the the controller + smartphone or by smartphone alone.

  • Very stable and accurate GPS flight with average max >1.5< meter of landing error if GPS locked at 12 sat

  • TRACK mode (Follow Me) works nice and i can say this tiny drone are well suited for this kind of task.


  • No so good 1080p HD quality video when compare by today standard; the contrast setting is high, the details are grainy and the exposure is too much.  Reminds me of 1080p on webcam quality camera.  HD quality reminds me of Car dashcam.

  • In 2019 the price of C-FLY DREAM in the market seems to be at unrealistic level almost close to its competitor DJI SPARK pricing which makes it unfavorable to budget conscious consumer.

  • To connect to C-FLY DREAM drone your smartphone must have/support 802.11ac WIFI protocol (5G WIFI).  The least it could support is the old 802.11a WIFI type but i highly recommend the 802.11ac for smoother frame rate during live FPV feed.

  • Depends on random manufacturing batch some wire connection inside the C-FLY DREAM are loosely connected.  Highly recommends to open via unscrew  the top cover and check the internal board connection to GPS, magnetometer sensor, gyro and camera for any loosed connection and hot glue it to avoid loosed connection due to vibration issues. Mine almost had loose connection on gyro module and camera ribbons.

  • 15 minutes claim of battery runtime not closed enough; 12~13 minutes average is a good number when time to land.

  • Hand over control mode from eg: from TRACK mode to POSITION, ALTITUDE, RETURN TO HOME, LANDING took long delays in the air.

  • Original box manual can be confusing and different than downloadable PDF version.

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Quality, performance and builds.

First impression when i opened the box i was like 'Wow!' this thing is solid....what i meant it felt like real 'expensive' drone when compare to those toy drone that usually have brushed motor and flimsy plastic when i hold it on my hands. Unlike toy drone under USD$100 if it hits a glass windows it will not break but with this C-FLY DREAM that window will break and you better make a run from it.  The C-FLY DREAM aesthetically looks pleasing to own; very sharp in design, looks like professional AP (Aerial Photography) drone, has solid looking Pro like 1080p 2x axis camera gimbal, real brushless motor, foldable propellers, Optical flow sensor under the bellow, removable proprietary battery, SD card sold and USB plug for programming.  Itscfly dream drone 114 a drone you wouldn't feel shy off showing to the open public since looks like an off shoot counter part of DJI SPARK rival...however so attractive for true AP enthusiast due to shoddy 1080p HD quality.  Out of box it comes with everything you need to fly straight away provided you have the right smartphone device either iOS or Android platform that support 802.11ac WIFI protocol to be able to connect to both the drone and the controller via C-FLY apps.   The supplied controller is also small enough to fit inside the pocket fit nicely on 5" sized smartphone screen.  Speaking about the smartphone, FYI i'm current using android smartphone the 2014 'MEIZU MX4' to run on my C-FLY DREAM which i recently got from bargain bin in attempt desperate to get the 802.11ac WIFI protocol feature to make it works smoothly with the C-FLY apps. Previously i owned an ASUS ZENFONE 2 ZE550ML that should have all features to match the requirement unfortunately it was broken at time of need and ended up using ASUS  FONEPAD 7 LTE tablet which has extremely slow mo/laggy  yet old 802.11a WIFI protocol which makes it unbearable to fly on my first published C-FLY DREAM video (PART 1).... almost ended flying as L.O.S (Line of Sight)  Only in PART 2 video i finally got my hand on cheap bargain bin MEIZU MX4 but then i realized it didn't have core CPU power to support second apps (MOBIZEN screen recorder) to record on the screen of C-FLY apps in action which is why PART 2 video contain lagged/stuttered screen UI. Only PART 3 video and later videos i decided not to enable extra apps to record on screen and just let C-FLY apps to run freely to allow me to have smooth live digital WIFI FPV view of C-FLY DREAM in action.... so note; make sure you have a good smartphone to run the C-FLY apps and other multitasking needs.

The internal hardware of C-FLY DREAM are nice and solid build, since it received early this year 2019 my PCB board are from latest batch production with more updated sensors and parts build into the drone....this i knew after comparing photo of my hardware and other though various forum with owner of previous batch version of old C-FLY DREAM.  So to sum up mines are of version V2.2 build as indicated on the board produced late 2018 on November. The reason i need to open up the drone upper casing to expose internal hardware is because i hecfly dream drone 116ard some report through community forum about fails, flyaway and other issues about previous batch releases having some plugs and wires not fully connected or latched to its plugs.  So when i inspect the innards of the drone i do notice the latest batch have some hot glues to secure the plug, connectors and ribbon slots.  For my case i noticed the center gyro stabilization sensor modules ribbon connector was a bit loose and also the ribbon near the camera DVR board, so i did re-insert the connection ribbons and dab a thin hot glue to secure the connection.  My guess all those hot glues around put by the manufacturer seems to indicate their way to avoid thing going loose due to rotor vibration as indicated from jello video during flight.  As always i managed to dismantled everything to bits to make sure i have full trust of what ever is running inside and put it back again, i did accidentally tore out the socket for GPS connection probably due to 'cold soldering' issues from factory and re solder back directly to the GPS module wires itself for more solid connection.  There's WIFI transmitter and receiver module located behind the board with two protruding diversity antenna going sideways creeping along the wall and ended up with a patch looking antenna ends stacked on the opposing wall of the drone chassis just behind the camera gimbal that caved area for gimbal host much of antenna RF along the walls.  The ceiling park of the drone plastic cover is where the GPS and magnetometer/compass sensor located the wrapped all over below the case with RF resistant foil to protect both modules some electrical/RF interferences from main onboards electronics and other noisy RF interference generated parts that may affect the magnetometer/compass and GPS modules.  Optical flow sensor that used to detect movement below the drone for solid positioning and hovering located between camera and battery bay flat below under drone undercarriage.  Far on the rear side of the drone is a rubber hatch where you can open to access HD recorded video/photos on the SD CARD slot and also mini USB port to access board setup or firmware access.  To my amaze when i connect USB to link to my computer via ARDUPILOT Mission Planner it recognized the drone pcb board as Arducopter PX4 firmware with all parameter visible for tweaking/configuring so somehow its based on open source PIXHAWK firmware/bootloader....good news for those ARDUPILOT fans out there.   Overall the hardware that makes up the C-FLY DREAM drones are well build and doesn't looks 'cheesy' like many affordable drone in the market which means it seems C-FLY company wanted this drone to be able to 'grow' and expand through possible mods or tweaks like how i thinker around my home build ARDUCOPTER/APM quadcopter project in the past.  I guess the cost building the C-FLY DREAM really justify its current selling price (if it stays below USD$200).

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As mentioned before the C-FLY DREAM camera quality is not build to win any hits on your INSTAGRAM account or winning great aerial photography video/photos because for what comes with its price tag the default 1080p HD camera onboard not going to attract much attention among AP enthusiast due to the fact that its video quality almost what looked like a standard 1080p HD used on webcam or car dash cam. FYI upon my deep research and finding on onboard Pcb circuit board used to process the video it looks like it was build on the same video chipset (RTS3904N) used on 1080p HD webcam.   The camera uses 18 pin ribbon instead of standard 20~22pin which used on many popular HD FPV camera such as RUNCAM, MOBIUS, FOXEER or camera driven by NOVATEK chipset.  The output 1080p HD video produced by C-FLY DREAM is not as stunning as my RUNCAM V1 HD camera nor close to DJI SPARK quality but as far i can cfly dream drone 6see C-FLY DREAM video is still 'presentable' as long people understand its a budget 'all-can-do' drone for the money enough to make HD video on Youtube showing yourself exploring places from the air rather than impressing the videography contest judges.  The HD camera on C-FLY DREAM is somehow poorly tuned especially when it comes to light exposure adjustment somewhat too bright when the camera is pointed directly into the sunlight and the details on the ground are very contrast also most close to intentionally 'sharpen' effect which causes the video looks a bit pixelated on the edge.  My best advice when taking videos on C-FLY DREAM is try to fly it when the sun is above the drone and try not get any sort of strong light pointed towards the lens directly else those nasty white balance and exposure auto adjustment will kick in.   On my point of view the C-FLY DREAM able to record 'just ok' HD video and snapshots does it great job for those people intended to fly and explore places from above without risking damage liability and incur; drone flyaway issues.  The 2x axis camera stabilization system also did a great job to stabilized the video both horizontally and vertically even in rough winds which perfumed way better than standard issue drone gimbal such as from WALKERA 2D however i do experience a vibration or should i say jello effect during some part of the flight more likely when i'm making yaw/rudder control turning the drone left and right and also when doing down descent; more likely its cause by prop wash effect and also unbalance propeller than need to do some balancing work.  For such drone with such price and HD quality the vibration/jello thing doesn't annoys me much as i still treat the C-FLY as fun machine to fly and discover places than to say 'Hey! look at my beautiful video!' can't win on that department unless you own a DJI SPARK.

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After weeks tinker around this cute tiny drone i realized the benefits goes into these few points of advantages despite critics from opposing rival thinking it should be comparable to DJI SPARK but in reality its not:

  1. Simplicity and portability
    The most immediate direct advantages that C-FLY DREAM has is its size; being extremely small and simple built without less moving structural parts (eg: foldable arm) means its easy to carry around and immediately deploy for aerial flight in an instant as seen on my Youtube channel.  If you saw my daily activity with C-FLY DREAM on my page gallery and in my Youtube channel you might notice i like to carry it behind my back pack, easily strapped on my bag and instantly fly without to much time to tinker around the drone setup.  Being simple and solid build means its rigid/robust enough handle torture being carry smack cfly dream drone 17around behind my backpack due to its hard shell body.  I just love the ideas i can strap easily this small drone on to anything for easy transport due to palm sized frame.  The stick controller also small enough to fit inside my backpack pocket.  I can say for sure if you're a light backpacker this drone is a great companion for quick exploration around you in the air.  As you all know i have lots collection of hand build FPV multirotor eligible to carry out great aerial photography/videography however the C-FLY DREAM is my daily favorite to carry around especially when i go cycling so i can enjoy more outdoor FPV in an instant.

  2. Quick access to FPV tech at low cost and low risk
    If you're just like to have a piece of true workable drone that does the job exploring places you wanted to visit from above with all the great automation to make flying more easy and automated at low cost the C-FLY DREAM fits the bill.  The shelf life of this drone will be longer and last better than toy drone because its running on brushless motor which mean less wear and tear compare to brushed motor on toy quality drone or anything below its current pricing.  With all the tech under you finger via smartphone apps you can simple press a button and it can do most automated jobs like tracking your movement (follow-me), self flying via waypoint, going back home if you lost control or disorientated or simply do selfie video/photo.   

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*Precaution & important notes!

When operating the C-FLY DREAM you might 'more likely' to stumble problems and issues that might not have been mentioned in the manual or stated by manufacturer.  Here are few precaution points when operating the C-FLY DREAM mini drone and some important notes you should know, this is what i found out.

  1. Always try open the top cover of the drone bodycfly dream drone 91 to check the internal board for loose wiring/plugs. I learn this tips by researching some info through community forum.  Some batches of C-FLY DREAM mini drone are poorly assembled where some plugs, wire or connection ribbon are not fully connected to the boards. 
  2. Don't forget to press the recording button before switching Off the drone, this drone will not save your recordings if you turn OFF your drone directly.
  3. Don't put another 5.8Ghz FPV video camera + transmitter on C-FLY drone or near by. I did try that before and it messed/confused my 5G WIFI controller and cuts off its original radio range.
  4. Do not cover anything on the sidewall on both side of the drone located between the camera gimbal and detachable battery.  That's where they put the dual diversity 5G WIFI antennas.
  5. Always use phone that support 802.11ac WIFI protocol. Not a good idea to use just 802.11a, icfly dream drone 69 repeat! must use 802.11ac WIFI protocol.
  6. When you fly in TRACK mode if you move far away from the base point when the drone take off pressing the RTH (RETURN TO HOME) button will make it return to its original take-off point. So if you already in different position better click 'LANDING' button.  However switching away from TRACK mode to any modes will take few seconds or delays before any mode triggers.  That means you can't control the stick on the drone yet until it out of TRACK mode.  Make sure you have enough power on the battery for the drone to hover while this control delays takes places.
  7. Always calibrate your compass...Always!
  8. Always download PDF manual online because their instruction manual always updated.  The manual include inside the box package sometimes very confusing to read and operate.


I've started to fly C-FLY DREAM mini drone daily due thanks to its portable size to carry around with easy,  flying its much easier than i've expected for such cheap price drone because its easy to take-off from anywhere, flying felt more smooth and locked and landing is like a press of a button...felt i've become lazy bum FPV pilots thanks to automated technology and rigid GPS locking system.   When ever i start turning on the drone in just 1 minutes i always get a nice handful of minimal 11 satellites GPS lock up to 25 satellites for robust accurate flight positioning.  By cfly dream drone 131default when start flying the drone the C-FLY DREAM will start flying on POSITION mode by default which uses full GPS positioning control to lock its position both in height, vertical and horizontal axis and not easily pushed around by mild gushes wind....this is one of the most fundamental feature of a true quality features of high tech quadcopter/multirotor drone as opposed to lower quality drone.  POSITION mode is always good for beginners control and easy for people who never controlled a drone before.  Usually i always fly 100% of the time using POSITION mode which make my controlled more relaxed, safe and solid video recording in the air.  This mode also always you just to hover at one point and take video/photo of you standing in front since the drone stays if you have nobody helps to take photo of you then the C-FLY DREAM does the job taking your personal photo without selfie stick.  It terms the max distance it could travel the manufacturer claimed it could fly up to 800 meters distance on 5G digital WIFI connection; fortunately the claim was right and spot on as i did on PART 4 video it did able to fly around 800 meters and possibility beyond that as i had a good solid and smooth live video feed on my smartphone at such distance.

The other interesting mode i always use is TRACK mode (aka Follow-Me mode), which the drone will automatically track my movement on the ground from above automatically.  This is another essential feature only available on high end cfly dream drone 145expensive drones which makes C-FLY DREAM more interesting for drone owners.  How the drone tracks your movement is based on reading your smartphone GPS coordinate and relay it back to the drone to move to your current position live on the move.  So you better own a smartphone with good sensitive GPS module inside to allow this feature to work. How well the TRACK mode goes?; well as far as i know it tracks really well at walking pace or jogging pace because when i ride on my bicycle with my C-FLY DREAM tracking me above my head i do notice it couldn't keep up if i cycle fast but if i slow down at walking/jog pace it tracks nicely.  Another important thing i notice in TRACK mode is before switching to track mode you need to adjust bearing position (RUDDER/YAW) manually pointed towards you and also the camera gimbal focus towards you before you activate TRACK mode. When it began to track your movement there are times you'll have to reposition the gimbal manually on the controller since its sometimes losses its focus/orientation.  As you move about the drone orientation always remains locked its last pointed bearing eg; if its pointed to west it always points its front to west bearing with maybe 15~30 degree yaw rotation if you move around at sharp cornering angle.  When you're in TRACK mode actually your smartphone is currently controlling the drone flying movement (GPS guided), that means your 'thumb' stick control is disabled but only the camera gimbal and the mode buttons are working. Another importcfly dream drone 117ant note as i've mentioned before on the 'CONS' statement above is the should you need to exit/switch away from TRACK mode to any mode eg; POSITION mode be cautioned that it takes sometimes maybe 10~20 seconds or even more to pass the control back the the stick more likely once you switch the mode away from TRACK mode the drone more likely to hover idle with no control going into delays status until you the apps on the screen says it has passed the control to your remote stick.  This delays can be quite annoying especially if you're flying with just 10~5% battery capacity left.  Also as noted previously; when you fly in TRACK mode if you move far away from the base point when the drone take off pressing the RTH (RETURN TO HOME) button will make it return to its original take-off point. So if you already in different position better click 'LANDING' button.

There are lots of other cool modes like ALTITUDE, ORBIT and WAYPOINT (autonomous) featured on C-FLY DREAM but for me those two modes mentioned above are my most favorite function whenever i fly out there. Luckily there lots of video on Youtube demonstrating various flight models on C-FLY DREAM that you can watching so i just keep my article simple with things i like enjoy the most.  Oh btw a quick note; if you wanted to use the WAYPOINT/AUTONOMOUS flight mode you'll need to enable your 3G/4G mobile data plan as it need to load GoogleMap to layout waypoint mapping screen on your smartphone.   When it comes to the actually flight time the manufacturer/manual specs claimed it could fly for 15 minutes but based on my flight experience on this drone safest flight time will be around 12~13 minutes when it started to show 10% battery left on the screen.   If the controller stick battery started to go low it will show red colored LED blink on the center control stick so you know when you'll need to stop and charge via USB port. 

cfly dream drone 22

Differences between C-FLY DREAM vs DJI SPARK

Just stress out the most important fact between them is there are no direct competition between those two despite both drone looks physically and cosmetically 'almost' looks similar to each other, but when we talk about the cost and functionality both actually have an extremely huge gap of differences but usually when it comes to user preference the cost of ownership willcfly dream drone 105 determine consumer buying preference which is why majority of those C-FLY DREAM/JJRC HERON X9 owner who post lots of video on Youtube channel are made up of first time drone owner who finally could afford such piece of technology for a fraction of the average market price of a true AP type drone.  The obvious differences between them other than HD camera quality is that DJI SPARK have more 'smart' function feature such as 'hand gesture' control where you can control drone movement by your hand and arm movement,  smart 'Active Track' (follow-me)  that truely follow the person or an object around by focusing an assigned frame of the target on screen plus the camera gimbal actively moves around to point towards the target,  the drone able to stop colliding object in front of the obstacle by stopping, the camera able to identify object and tag as associated objects and other premium features that make C-FLY DREAM looks technology looks like a stone age technology.  The sum things up people would go for DJI SPARK for 3 things; true 1080p HD quality camera and serious convenient use of aerial photography feature for serious people doing quality production video.  Although C-FLY DEAM doesn't have those nifty magic like the DJI SPARK has, for the half price and half feature of its rival it does its job well done to give fun, enjoyment and affordable access to drone technology to people who 'just' wanted to experience flying one without burden of digging holes in the pocket.  Remember, just like me somewhere out there are always people who wanted to fly drone just explore around and have fun with going places rather to show of how much quality untainted bananas the have in their hands or get some likes on Instagram or Youtube.  If you watch on Youtube and type C-FLY DREAM or JJRC HERON X9 all these guys do is wanted to have fun, explore, introduce their home town from aerial view and get the message across by quantity rather than this drone serve well for their intended purpose.  

cfly dream drone 19

Variant of C-FLY DREAM batches and alternative JJRC HERON X9

It is important to know C-FLY DREAM mini drone comes with different outlooks and quality depending of dates/timelines of production batches.  For example i knew my batches have improved V2.2 boards when dig inside the dcfly dream drone 122rone hardware but how do we know if you got the latest batches of C-FLY DREAM without having to dismantle the drone of peeking through their firmware updates before purchasing?  You can actually spot the obvious by looking at the stick controller design/size and the propellers itself.  The old batches have bigger stick controller unit with lots of shiny metal toggle switches, it also has side hand grip, removable battery and smooth rod like antenna. The end propeller blades have printed label 'C-FLY'.  The box packaging comes in white color.

However the new batches have more smooth black bean like stick controller and has flat button instead of switches.  The battery is build-on/not removable and the antenna can be folded symmetrically locked together like origami. The controller is much smaller and compact than old ones.

As ycfly dream drone 121ou all know by now there's also a rebranded version of C-FLY DREAM but retain all the same features as original which the drone now re-labeled as 'JJRC HERON X9' under JJRC brand.  Both drone maintain the same build and features but all depends on which manufacturing batches timelines/date it came from which justify the overall quality and firmware it attached.  Majority of people bought the JJRC HERON X9 drone rather than C-FLY DREAM due to its long standing recognizable brand within the hobbyist community which explain more videos of HERON X9 on Youtube than the C-FLY DREAM but this is where it ended badly because on JJRC products the technical after sale support for HERON X9 drone is extremely lackey especially on firmware upgrades which i heard lots of complains and urgent assistant since many have accidentally edit their drone firmware without backups since most of this drone can be easily connected to ARDUPILOT Mission Planner program on computer and flash/edit their parameters.  I have to advice for those who own either both JJRC HERON X9 or C-FLY DREAM drone not to flash or edit their drone configuration/parameter, just keep it stock default setup and if it flies without problem just leave it as it is since technical support from these company can be a bit slow or ambiguous.  Fortunately i haven't encounter much technical problem with my C-FLY DREAM...touch wood.



MediasHere are sample of video of  i posted on my Youtube channel contain test review on C-FLY DREAM mini drone






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To be honest its been a long time i haven't play around with AP (Aerial Photography) based multirotor/quadcopter since most of the time i used lots fixed wing (FPV/UAV) to roam around long distance which does efficient job taking great cfly dream drone 31HD video of distance places compare to quadcopter/multirotors.  Some how the introduction of mini size C-FLY DREAM quadcopter caught my attention as it looks pretty close to the famous DJI SPARK platform, as for me it has those words 'FUN' and 'PORTABILITY' written all over it since i like to move about on my bicycle....just most of my drones are way to huge to lug around my backpack on my bike.  The simplicity of having just a small stick and a smartphone to control a drone that fits inside a small bag is irresistible! I felt like sometimes just i need to chill and have some fun with more simpler form of FPV adventure just to keep me entertained for a short period just of thrills during lunch time or stop by the park for being i needed something small to make me feel more secure and fun to toy about than being serious.  This C-FLY DREAM mini drone have its own niche for being small and fun simple FPV-AP flyer unlike most of my drone i  have in my hangar.  It has the right mini portable recipe to make me feel i have a companion in my bag and get adventurous  discover places and stuff from aerial view closer to local than going far away feeling disconnected.  I may get shunned for not getting the same quality as DJI SPARK does but for the price and its role being a fun tiny sky explorer its does it job to fill our desire being curious in the air.cfly dream drone 43

Ever since i owned the C-FLY DREAM i started to carry it to work place, cycling with me or at any outdoor occasion simply because its less hassle to carry and able to operate anywhere i wanted without worry i might punch a giant hole into somebody's roof.  The automated flight feature it has makes flying much easier and does the job intended eg; do Selfie, aerial shots, quick exploration or simple just for the sake keeping my self busy outdoors.  Yes as you can see on my last video i did have fun for the first time able to have a drone record me via TRACK mode as i cycle about on my piece of gadget indeed!  Most importantly for me; its way to small to cause much problem and carry less if anything gone wrong eg; flyaway, crashed into public or property and etc the same way how you imagine a big kilograms drone would cause with the same havoc. To sum up everything the correct term to describe this drone from my point of view and experience is those two keywords: "FUN" and " EXPLORATION".

So the big question is; it worth buying the C-FLY DREAM?.... if you're looking for fun and try to explore cool places outside your fence then the 'C-FLY DREAM' is your thing. Ah! Can't wait to go out mountain biking down the hill with C-FLY DREAM soon..hehehe! *drool*

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