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Oh look! Another SUBOTECH!  Cool!!..  Unlike the last one we did review before this one has the looks!.  After the success of 1:24 series SUBOTECH subotech brave 10company decided to released a scale version based on the same platform with nice looking scale jeep like top bodies.  They called  it; "SUBOTECH - BRAVE (BG1511C) 1:22 scale 4WD truck".  I'm not sure why they called it "BRAVE" but much well anticipated comical stuff you get from China..just ignore the front cover and dig in what's fun out of it. (Don't forget they did have a "CoCo" for truck).  So i got this from from TMART.COM which is the first online shop to have this truck a few days before other online shop started to follow.   The box packaging is half size, very cute and compact which is smart way to reduce cost of shipping by size with deco arts show offering of 4x variable models.  The one i got was something out of JURASSIC PARK style theme or Africa safari like tour jeep color.  Price at $63 i thought it was a decent price for a scale stated at 1:22.  1:22?...okay that's is not standard size but i believe it a marketing declaration.  Upon comparing with my 2 previous SUBOTECH's model that i have in my hand with the BRAVE it seems that actually the new one uses the same 1:24 platform from the older model.  1:22 scale is much related to the size of the top jeep body shell.  The only differences between the new and old is the the new ones have ON/OFF switch located under the truck fore bellow for easy switching access and have extra port for LED headlights...yes this truck have a front headlights. As far as details goes it has roll cage, set of dummy fog lights, usable rear spare wheel, side mirror, detailed interior seat, steering wheels, dashboard and also scale rear and front bumpers.  The body shell are made of lexan plastic just like any SUBOTECH has it held on by 4x clips into the main chassis pole mounting. 


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Specification (as describe by vendor/manufacturer)subotech brave 18

Scale size: 1:22 (Actually is 1:24 scale based on main chassis size similar to CoCo)
Chassis build and overall drive transmission: High impact/durable plastics + metal mid drive shaft + 4WD
Max speed: ?km/h
Play time: 20>> minutes
Charging time: 1 hours/ 3 hours
Control distance: 50m >
Drive motor: 180 Brush motor
Battery details: 7.4V 700mah
Function: Forward/backward, Turn left/rightsubotech brave 19

Package included:

1 x SUBOTECH BRAVE 1:22 scale 4WD model
1 x Balance Li-po charger + USB cables
1x Sets of spare body shell snap pins
1x Hex allen key tools
1x Philips screwdriver
1x Manual book



  • Its very scale Jeep like body with detailed parts and interior.   Super good looking truck for 1:22 scale.

  • Comes with LED headlights.

  • ON/OFF switch located below the main chassis for easy accessibility without removing the top bodyshell.

  • SUBOTECH BRAVE and SUBOTECH CoCo actually have the same main base chassis design.  Which means both can share 100% same spare and interchageable parts.  Which also means that the actual scale on BRAVE chassis is 1:24 scale.


  • Slightly heavy due to heavy body shell and decoration accessories.

  • Not ideal for bashing, jumping or speeding, tends to topple and roll around out of balance on it side on two wheels during minor steering/ornering.  This is because the CG is high above the ground due to tall and heavy body shell.

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Quality, performance and builds.

In term of main technical aspect about this model there not much differences between BRAVE and the CoCo model. Both have the same build, gearings, drive terrains, electronics, tyres, rims, battery and parts such as bumper are interchangeable between each other.  Minor differences is the ON/OFF subotech brave 8switches located more accessible below the chassis and extra headlight port as mentioned before.  So basically they are the same 1:24 base model with different shell toppings.  I don't want to repeat the same old stuff about this truck but if you wanted to read further about the specification just read this page (SUBOTECH CoCo 1:24) and come back here when your done.  The jeep bodyshell that comes with it quite sturdy and massive to which accumulated at 1:22 scale rather than actual measurement of 1:24 base on bottom chassis size.  It comes with tough roll cage, rears wheels but the top mounted dummy fog light slightly vulnerable to bend and dings after few roll over and crashes, that's the only parts suffer the worst yet minor compare to overalls.

Let get straight to the point about how this truck handles,  if you've read the previous review on SUBOTECH CoCo 1:24 you'll be fascinated how this little truck flies of the ramp, tumble around and get back on its own feet like a stunt car. Pure fun size around the park. Unfortunately its vice versa for the BRAVE series model things getting really ugly.  Trying to jump off the skate ramps is not easy.  Its doesn't have the "ummpphh!!" power to take off from the ramp after high speed leap and when it lands it rebound forwards summersault and roll over.  Its not easy to control the truck during landing it tends to bounced around after a hit, i could feel that the front and rear suspension tooksubotech brave 32 maximum amount of compression due to overweight upper body and lunge uncontrollable rebound.  The only way to keep it landed smoothly on 4 wheels is to keep on throttling in the air and on the ground to let the tyre spin in the air to produce stable upright inertial force till it reach the ground linearly just like how the Pros keep their powerful 1:8 nitro buggy upright while leaping in the air and landed on all four on the ground.  But prolong action of these will soon took tall on overall drivetrains and may worn out the gear tooth soon. Even when speeding on the flat ground and did a simple 10 to 15 degree steering turns the truck seems to tilt one side ended balancing on two wheels and crashed on its side.  All this pointing to one common problem,  the top body shell is too heavy for this scale truck to move around and have fun just like what any 1:24 or any miniature scale does.  Because of that factor the CG (Center Gravity) of this model was located too high and makes it easy to tilt over on any side.  Unlike the SUBOTECH CoCo series the BRAVE unable to recover itself back all 4 wheels on the ground after crashing on its side by forcing the tyre to jerk/abruptly spin reverse and forward about randomly to gain inertial momentum to keep it upright via tyre side doesn't work well either. So there's no cool trick you can do on BRAVE other than just do normal driving and admire scale like speed  over terrains in controlled manner.  This truck are more like to be driven as show cars/trucks looking good on normal driving..but not bashing, so slow with style thing.   Sad to say this mini isn't a race worthy but just another show car for convoy.

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MediasHere are sample of video of  i posted on my Youtube channel contain test review on SUBOTECH BRAVE 1:22 4WD








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Honestly speaking I don't see the point bringing and treating this SUBOTECH BRAVE as skate park basher; the truck isn't shine much when it comes to jumping, landing, speeding or fast circuit racing around the track just like much people expected when buying a 1:24 size. subotech brave 26A mild brushless upgrade would be overkill not only on the car handling but also stressful for the driver him/herself as it will be too handful to control. If you wanted some great amount of fun bashing and speeding then get the good old SUBOTECH CoCo because this trucks lands steady on four feet like a cat.  But that doesn't mean SUBOTECH BRAVE sucks at all,  with the heavy topping jeep like body shell, detailed interior, roll cage, headlights and nifty scale looks it does have its own way of driving...scale driving. I think this truck is build for those people who have passion for miniature scale detailed driving like how people enjoy 1/10 scale 4x4 trails/rock crawling thinks like that with adds scale mods like winch, beaded wheels, steel roll cage, fog lights, miniature driver, beer crate and tool slow convoy with buddies around the jungle, rocks and tiny river in the back yard in 1:24 scale size. So if you're thinking to get the "BRAVE" for sake keeping or driving slow and scale with style then this is for you, other stuff like speeding, jumping like normal extreme stuff on the ramp go for CoCo or something else.  As for me  have no plans to skate park around it but do have plane to soup up the looks will flash scale mods, make it a great looker and might added some FPV for cockpit driving.  For what ever negative criticism comes into this truck  there a bright positive side being a nice looking 1:22 (1:24) scale looking ground R/C model in the market.


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