USD $3.3 million....SupermotoXL: The Silent Echo Project (MD 33.0 XL)


Well this is it! Its been 10 years, the veteran should know me well that i always never back down yet. I think its time to pull out something really big that i've hidden behind my mind. My dream was to built most rarest, unique and technologically logic sports car where no one able to or dare to will tell many stories unknown to the outside world. Build straight from my heart with passion and determination. I've been building several but this one will be most unique ever. The project not only focus on the car design but the hidden history, facts, reality and agenda that will be documented in hard copy. I will hold to my words that this car design will not only tell much about its physical looks and technological presentation but the truth behind the designs and the hands that mold it. The future of this car will expected to receive much criticism, bad plots, twist and turns from the public perspective but i will not hold back instead march forward to revealed what it is within our black and white logo. The car will be carefully design and modelled in details based on SupermotoXL Designs special specification, everything built from ground zero and will be theoretically and technologically documented. This personal designs will be worth USD 3.3 million when it is completed and will be awarded to the highest bidder on the internet. Development will be blogged. Some of you maybe laughing, but for those people who've have been with me for years witness progress and works you know i'm very serious in this ambition. I'm not a professional car design people from big industry nor qualified, but i have the gift and so i must use it before i "kick the bucket". I don't aim for money nor looking for fame. The bidder and buyer will know the truth for such reason after he receive the design. Partial funds will be donated to people who support me and the community who shaped me. If successfull i will travel around the world meet those people and community that supported me who once online like KC's (, Balth ( and the rest of my buddies who've been around throughout the years, also try to build a memorial tribute to gamers and design dreamers. Life is short. Why would i waste my life for nothing. I''ll give my 1 best shot. I hope everyone will be there next year in mid 2011 to witness the car design that rocks the world. The design will be released on a very specially day which equally reflect the car and the author attributes. The car will carry 'odd' design number #33.0

The car model serial: ** MD 33.0 XL-**

Sequence of development:
XYBORX ED 32.0 XL-ESII (2010)
XENTURION CD 34.0 XL-CRS (2010-end)
****** CD 36.0 XL-MX (2011)
****** MD 33.0 XL-** (PROJECT SILENT ECHO RELEASED - 2011-mid)