After a long happy break finally i return back to VEXUVIUS drawing board with full of ideas, this time i open up the meshes and decided to alter the chassis design to more modern looks which stray away from typical Hummer like concept or in short go EURO style. The changes are necessary because weeks of thinking i felt there was something "UNBALANCE" in the overall design. The mid roof and rear windows have been edited to more slanted back lash design just like hatch back style as seen on old HONDA EG6 style or latest TOYOTA CALDINA hatchback style. I think this way my truck looks more radical plus the front door are longer hence it probably be a two door SUV unless i can find ways to find more spacing for rear door however the rear wheel fender blocking the way and remains static. Because of radical chances to the rear the rear lights might as well be edited to new design to make it looks blended and harmony in looks. As shown in the picture: The first picture shown is BEFORE the meshes edited. The 2nd picture shown is AFTER being edited.