Since i got the fenders done, now i'm going to proceed to do "rough shaping" to estimated what design outcome will be.   Oh ya i forgot to tell you.  Almost all my design NEVER START WITH PROPER BLUEPRINT AT ALL since the begining of time.  Which mean i don't need a sample of blueprint to layout my design.  The outcome of the design is actually how each lines (face and vertices) harmonized along with each other.  So if i see a few line position or random surface shape  that trigger an inspiration then i just go along and continue to mould it like a clay.  To cut the meaning short, my design is like building vase from a clay and the outcome of the vase shape depends how the creator hands moves around the vase as it spins on the threadmills.

In this off-roading truck i intended to pull out fragment of XAVAGE  genetic/panels into the chasis front and rear. The from different view point i will try to make rough shape of lines to trigger a final idea for a design.  This technique is suitable for those who wants their models to have design inheritance  from parent models by indicating an evolution from one design to another thus embeded creator signature from one model to another.  For my signature its the "X" structure.