news_release_vxs_5jun2010Thanks for waiting months for the release of VEXUVIUS. I appreciate for your patience as we have travel long way to witness the birth and the adulthood of VEXUVIUS development for the past few months. Today you'll have the opportunity to download and test drive our new creation from lines of SupermotoXL's inventory of super vehicles specialy crafted and the only one ever exist in the world. Two type of package available for download: A package for 4x4 EVO2 fans and another package is SDK kit with high resolution textured models of original VEXUVIUS raw files dedicated for enthusiast modelers, modders and converter. For 4x4 EVO2 fans we have 3 types of models ready to roll out of the box: "UR", "TR" and "TRC" variant all with different performance characteristic when driving in your 4x4 EVO2 simulator. Don't forget, theres more variant to come so keep sniff around our website for more news and updates. Download now and enjoy your weekends with VEXUVIUS.


Available variant models:

  • VEXUVIUS CD 28.2 XL-TRC "Torque Rock Crawler" Edition



*Note: Paint Works custom template skins also available for VEXUVIUS at PAINT WORKS page. Enjoy!