Wasn't feel sharp today since i got this Monday syndrom all over again.  This time i'm working on front side of the car patch up some meshes along the void which you witness earlier through out the development.  The long trails of vents meant to be gills for the engine ventilation  just like any exotics front engine mount. The 1st generation CYBORX  has shark type gills vector thrust to the back but on 2nd generation XYBORX i have not yet determine hows the vents going to turn out to be because the one i make really have a long ventilation grooved all the way from the headlights to the cockpit door arching above the wheel fender.   I have some wild imagination how the gills design would ended up; could be tunnel panel with honey comb plating, CNC heatsink style fins, smooth vector thrust fins aeronautic style or conical tunnel.  Well see how it turns up next day because Tuesday i'm always in high mood,`