I have to admit it i'm pretty slow finish off this project because i don't really have much "oommpphh!!" mood this month..staying indoor on PC sucks...outdoor rocks...nope it didn't say 3D was bad..just needed some break that's all. But anyway that doesn't mean i'm going to halt the work and lay back enjoy the blue sky. Just bits by bits of daily work its better than leaving the workspace empty. This week i'm working on the interior cockpit tub which is crucial place holders of parts like seats, dashboards and some necessary driving controls parts that are going to slot in. I don't have proper blueprint but i just use my instict to move my mouse and curves some object models in 3D view pane. The tub i made it looks like monocoque piece, lay back type wall which you already knew by the looks of it should have a relaxing bucket seat soon in place. The distance between the door and the driver position are wide in gap just for safety reason. Expect to have new radical looking dashboard in auto world design. I was thinking something like touchscreen, organic LCD's or something simple. Somewhere in between the schedule i'm enjoying myself biking on my roadies and MTB's which is good for my health.