Axle is the most important parts of every 4x4 truck and give cool impression to rock crawling fans. Want to make your own cool custom axle? Find out more in this tutorial page.


Tools to be used in tutorial:

updated : 5/10/2002

Modeling an axle.

What you need to know when making custom axle. - you can can make any type, shape, sizes or looks for a custom axle but do you know how to make it works on 4x4 evo truck. Doesn't it really looks right when you installed it into your truck?

Here's you kneed to know about axle. Axle model uses center point of and axis where axle center point equal to Z=0 Y=0 axis value which means when you model an axle you must put the axle shaft (where wheel's point/ pivot are attached) at a center point of your model. The image below shows how an axle center point should be located. [Image below]

Below are sample of custom truck axle made by me model: XA 07-XL (front axle) only available on "NISSAN X-VERT Elite XL"- Z-mod code: axleF

How an axle works in 4x4 evo - the game usually centralized the axle position so that the main center driveshaft are well position/attached on wheels center point/pivot. Standard/default 4x4 evo stock truck's axle have well balanced axle shape and the drive shaft are located on the center point of the axle. Tire allocation to axle are axle's Z=0, Y=0. [centre]

How to built precision axle- [Look at the image above] If you are making axle with virtual extended long horizontal arm/pivot that makes the axle shape looks unequal on both side or off balance (offset) you'll need to do this task below:

  1. Allocated where the wheel should be attached onto your axle, once you've align your wheel's center point on to desired location on your axle, mark that center point on your axle and that marker will be your axle center point.
  2. Position your axle center point in the center of your Z-modeler workplace (grid/axis) where X=0, Y=0 and Z=0 is your axle center position.
  3. If your axle is an odd shaped with extended long horizontal swing arm like in the picture above, go and locate the furthest tip off an object. The tip of and object is the boundary/ radius limit from your axle center point. This tip we called (A")
  4. Since the axle are not well centralized we should create a dummy vertices that has vice versa position of actual point (A") position.
  5. Duplicate a copy of small portion of vertices tip in point (A") and mirrored it to the opposite side which align exactly along the "Object's max balancing radius" perimeter as shown in the picture.
  6. Once you've set the dummy vertices (Mirrored Point: A") the axle will have well balanced shape and the game can easily recognize where the axle's center point is and where the wheel should be located/positioned.

This method works for both axle code : AxleF (front) and AxleR (rear), in your Z-modeler.

Good Luck!