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img ttrlfpv avia safety 1To be fully dedicated into FPV, UAV and drone model flight one must understand how overall attribute of modern airspace operates.  Model pilot must acquire abundant of knowledge not only limited to drone flying but also learn some critical  wealth of info on real aviation industry because FPV/UAV/drone flight share the same airspace as real aviation operation.  Airspace safety is highly vital before any model operation. Understand the consequences and prevention preparation promote safety and accident avoidance. To understand how real aviation works ones must put inside real aviator/ commercial pilot boots and see from their point of view. 

Here are some collection of external links useful to fill your flight knowledge, common sense and all you need to know before launching yourself into skies.  get some reality facts and not fiction.


General Aviation operation characteristic.
Things you need to know how global commercial public aviation operate, best to understand few facts and unseen operation. Understanding other side will allow you to prevent unwanted events and aware of their presence in the skies.  Even though their operation look irrelevant to hobbyist  flight operation but both do share common ground so do fill yourself with wealth of aviation knowledge.


img ttrlfpv avia safety 5Topology, weather and natural factor.
Factor that impact any flight operation that you should not take for granted which implicate overall real aircraft operator, drone pilot and mechanism of the aircraft models itself.   Understanding mother nature and human error helps to elevate level of safety in airspace.


Drone flight regulation and laws.
List of news and article around the globe, thing you should know before you assimilate with the drone operation community.


Real flight accident. (non-drone accident)
Real aircraft accident from human error, weather problem, geographical factor and others.  Understanding how it happens helps to prevent similar cases to happen in the future. Although its isolated yet it does share similar level of flying operation so all FPV, UAV and drone pilot should be aware of this.  Below include some interesting reading and videos of interest:


Real flight model and drone related incident both commercial, military and civilian operator.
List of incident reported all over the world, negligence, public recklessness, human error, mechanical error and other hidden factor that spark news highlights.  Not every drone pilot are perfect but its best to learn from mistake than to repeat the history.  Read and learn: 


img ttrlfpv avia safety 6Summary
The number of FPV (First Person View), UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and drone model operator have increase exponentially since 2010 till present time because of cheaper open source hardware, easy manufacturing, public accessibility, commercial usability and also fueled by marketing hype.  New "autopilot/assisted flight" technology allows non-hobbyist user who have know prior knowledge of model flying to be able to fly without guidance or training.  With such mentality of skipping the basic learning experience and ignore flying manual allow uneducated flying and unaware of surrounding hazard especially in open airspace, this consequently cause future ground and air accident that will causes harm to lives and air traffic.  It may not happen today but in few years to comes it will happen some other day. So keep your self educated, join proper flying club or community and be aware of the surrounding airspace.

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