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Tools you need to start design, make 3d models, game moddings and other task which make all the creation possible. All these tools are free for downloads.

This page host tools & utility from various resources belongs to its respective author/owner and should not be made commercial without prior consent from the author/owner. I don't provide any warranty nor support should any problem arises, so use it on you own risks. Should you need help you can visit our local forum for guidance.

* If you wish to host your tools and utility in this site you can upload your tools here or you can contact us via email or at our forum.

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Just showing a sample of problem with RUNCAM HD camera having constant LED blinking problem and unable to record or snap photos. Still troubleshooting the problem. The board have no sign of damage. Internal lipo pack and power pin have been removed since its feed 5V power from USB which worked many months before problem happen.

Contain "dds.8bi" plugin for your Photoshop which enable you to open and view NVIDIA DDS texture.  Very useful for those modeler working on Nvidia based texture.  Download in now.

*Recomended for Adobe Photoshop CS 32bit only.

This is the new parts.pod for the 4x4 Revolution Mod for Evo 2. This parts.pod will allow you to purchase 4-wheel steering, engine rebuild, and more money in 4x4 Revolution. In order for this pod to work, you will have to mount it at the top of the file, ahead of the stock parts.pod in the pod.ini file.

4wheel steering appears under suspension, and, in order to get it to work, you will have to change the steering scalar in the .trk file. A steering scalar of 1 means the rear wheels will steer the same amount as the fronts. A setting of less than 1 means the wheels will steer less, and a setting of more than one means the rear wheels will steer more. A setting of 0 will result in no rear steering. I reccomend keeping this value between 0 and 1 for stable handling.

This parts.pod will only work with 4x4 Evo 2 WITH the Revo Mod installed, it will not work with standard Evo 2 or Evo 1.

4x4 REVO mods - patch 4x4 REVO mods - patch_DML_HOTTooltip 09/12/2010 Hits: 1732

This file package contain re-compiled/modification of 4x4 Evolution 2 source code program modded into more updated version of Evo 2 called 4x4 REVOLUTION. This patch improve the game texturing quality to support max up to 2048x2048 texture per-models, improve high poly 3d models handling, environment enhancement, extra UI features and etc. This mod files developed by members of 4x4 EVOLUTION/REVOLUTION community from http://vales.com/evo2.

Before you start to install this REVO mod patch please read the attached instruction/manual. Make sure you create backups. To install create a new installation of 4x4 Evolution 2 folder and then patch the file by overwriting the default game files with REVO files except "POD.INI". Do not overwrite POD.INI files yet. Copy lines of words in REVO's POD.INI using notepad and paste the word at the last line in the game's default POD.INI file. Please refer to the attached manual in this package.

Z-modeler Z-modeler_DML_HOTTooltip 08/18/2006 Hits: 1106
Essential tools for 3d models creation support various import and export meshes to various popular gaming and commercial format.  Z-modeler is a free tools available for public download.
Podtool.zip Podtool.zip_DML_HOTTooltip 08/18/2006 Hits: 586
Essential tools for extracting & packing POD file in 4x4 Evolution 1 & 2.  A must have.
4x4Evo2Editor.zip 4x4Evo2Editor.zip_DML_HOTTooltip 08/18/2005 Hits: 356
4x4 Evolution 2 Public Editor & Track builder.
The 4X4ED.EXE and EDITOR.POD go in the same game folder as 4X4.EXE. To run the editor simply execute 4X4ED.EXE.
The EDITOR.POD is self-mounting. It does not need to be added to the POD.INI file.
4x4patch57update.zip 4x4patch57update.zip_DML_HOTTooltip 08/18/2005 Hits: 221
Game patch update for 4x4 Evolution.
BinAnim.zip BinAnim.zipTooltip 08/18/2005 Hits: 27
This utility will help you to create a BIN animation by creating the "animation control" BIN file that tells MTM what models to use for the animation, how many frames to use per second, and so on.
bineditms.zip bineditms.zipTooltip 08/18/2005 Hits: 38
BINs are the three-dimensional models used in the Microsoft/Terminal Reality games MTM, Hellbender, CART and MTM2. This program was developed with MTM (and MTM2) in mind, but should work with the other programs, too. BINedit is a utility for editing the BIN files (aka boxes, models, or props).
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