This is Video Receiver extension parts for "XL-RCP 2.0 FPV kit for 9XR".  Its consist of two parts of arms to extend the tray high above the radio transmitter to host Video receiver module (900/1.2/1.3/2.4/5.8).


I design this to eliminate the use of my FPV Ground Station, so i decided to dock it above my 9XR radio transmitter and mounted two video receiver (VRX)module both Directional and Omni purposes.  There a huge advantages why it is best to mount it high above the radio transmitter:

  1. With both radio  control transmitter and video transmitter are using Directional Patch antenna on the same platform you can sync their directional movement due to parallel mounting.  Usefull for those who cannot afford an antenna tracker.
  2. The high towering arm length provide Radio Frequency (RF) interference between two devices.
  3. Eliminates cluttery ground station wiring and remove the need of 2nd person to pan your patch antenna.
  4. The arms are foldable and can be erected to any position thats suites your RF needs.



  1. TURNIGY 9XR radio set from
  2. Full package kit from "XL-RCP 2.0 FPV kit for 9XR"
  3. 2x screw and bolts to fit the extension arms.
  4. Suitable for FPV video goggle user only because it eliminates the needs to mount the LCD monitor instead thus keep it lighter. The tray that previously used to mount LCD monitor/tablet is now used to mount Video receiver modules.



Complete assembly parts:


Blow-out parts:



How to:

Just need to unbolt the screen/tablet tray from "XL-RCP 2.0 FPV kit" and bolt in the two XL-RCP 3.0 arms together. At the other end of the arms just place back the screen/tablet tray back which now can be used to place at least max 2x video receiver.  You will no longer able to mount your LCD monitor so this setup only meant for FPV video goggle user only.


alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing



Your shopping list/Hardwares/Compatible parts (Require XL-RCP 2.0):

  1. TURNIGY 9X 9CH radio transmitter V2 (Mode 1)
  2. TURNIGY 9X 9CH radio transmitter V2 (Mode 2)
  3. TURNIGY 9XR radio transmitter (Mode 1)
  4. TURNIGY 9XR radio transmitter (Model 2)
  5. Mountable FPV item: BOSCAM FPV 5.8ghz RC305
  6. Mountable FPV item: BOSCAM RC800 7" FPV monitor
  7. Mountable FPV item: BOSCAM FPV RC58-32CH receiver auto signal search
  8. Mountable FPV item: BOSCAM RX-LCD5802 7" monitor