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This nano size rock crawler frame designed for mods kit for "Yokomo NanoQLO" nano size rock crawler. Original stock "Yokomo NanoQLO" model comes as RTR (Ready To Run) out of box infra-red controlled model, motor-on-axle driven 4wd (MOA), semi proportional steering (3~5 step movement..very jerky), scaled but twitchy suspension and runs off lower than 100mah of single cell lipo.  After playing around few days crawling around a small scale rocky track on around desktop's obstacles, the model doesn't pleases me much because of less proportional control on the steering, infra-red control and feels cheaps or more toyish feels  rather than a hobby grade models.  Wasn't up to rival againts Losi Micro rock crawler or Red Cat SUMO when it comes to real scale and hobby grade feel model but since its at 1:43 scale its a huge advantage as being a pure desktop fun basher...if it were to fit with real R/C grade electronics then it would definately pump up its status.


My goal of this design is to built a small nano frame that could fit hobby grade electronics such as 2.4ghz  with more proportional control both steering and throttle, higher capacity lipo, solid axle movements, low cg frame, super compact  and able to fit aftermarket scale plastic body models such as Hummer, Jeep,  Rover and other truck body with special mounting on the frame.

tb_rcp4_2As to current date January 2014, its is consider the smallest hobby grade Rock Crawler chassis designed for 3D printing in the world.


Special features:

  1. Upper deck tray fits popular size 2.4ghz proportional control micro receiver. (4.1cm/L x 2.1cm/W x 0.7cm/H)
  2. Lower deck tray fits 220mah 1s lipo size. (3.1cm/L x 1.9cm/W x 0.5cm/H)
  3. Low CG and compact height chassis for scale body and avoid tip over size ways.
  4. Shockless, coilless, no spring, struts and no linkages rod design.  For more straight and solid axle movement compare to stock suspension and lingkages.  Eliminates hassle to fit any body shells above the chassis that was previously obstructed by towers of dampers/shocks.
  5. Easy screwless fitting. Just insert the motor axle into the pivot sockets, fit your favorite electronics and thats it.
  6. Fits any popular 1:43 size plastic scale body models with wheel base length 7.4cm (wheel hub to hub).
  7. Scale body mounting adapter to for easy to fit into any scale body plastic models.




  1. YOKOMO NANOQLO model axles/wheel/motos.  (Just need the axles set only).
  2. 2.4ghz receiver board ( The one i use is 6 Channel Hobby King 2.4ghz receiver board: 4.1cm/L x 2.1cm/W x 0.7cm/H).
  3. 2x Zip ties (As elastic strips for axle mono spring leaf).
  4. You'll need to smooth sand paper a bit on the pivot joints for smoother axle movement.
  5. 1S lipo battery size fitting: 3.1cm/L x 1.9cm/W x 0.5cm/H



Complete assembly parts:



Blow-out parts:



Extra note:

  • For proportional ESC i'm using 9 gram metal gear digital servo board modded to drive 2x motor on axle (This servo type usually have better and stronger FET that could handle/drive 2x coreless size servo).  The servo potentiometer must be centered and super glue to enable proportional throttle and reverse control.
  • Stock steering servo must be replaced with similar size from micro airplane/helicopter models (less than 5g servo type).
  • Due to its nano size caution have to be take care after 3D printing where you need to carefully remove the plastic ABS from the base as the parts structures are very tiny and flimsy.



alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing




Your shopping list to buy for the build hardware above project:

  1. YOKOMO NANOQLO ready to run set (RTR)
  2. TURNIGY 9X 9CH radio transmitter V2 (Mode 1)
  3. TURNIGY 9X 9CH radio transmitter V2 (Mode 2)
  4. HOBBY KING 2.4ghz receiver 6ch V2
  5. HOBBY KING HK-933 Digital MG servo (Or compatible for ESC mod)