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tb rcp30 tws spurgear 72 days ago at the time of writing this article my TAMIYA SPRAY-WORK (1988) air compressor broke down during air brushing work on my models due to broken spur gear tooth and also smaller sub part of its pinion gear.   So immediately i 3d modeled a duplicate version of the spur gear unit, 3D print it, replaced the broken ones and re-installed back into the gear box unit of the TAMIYA SPRAY-WORK air compressor unit. Finally it works nicely like new.  I printed in using ABS filament, max filling with 5 layer. I do notice many people have broken several of it spur gear tooth on this particular unit so i decided to upload this parts for everyone to 3d print and get their compressor unit a quick fix. 

Specification & requirements:

  1. This 3D print parts to be used on TAMIYA SPRAY-WORK (1988 model) unit only for replacement of broken spur gear parts inside the compressor gear box.
  2. This gear have 61 tooth on its bigger spur and 15 tooth on it sub pinion.
  3. Printed on minimum 0.2mm nozzle or best smaller print nozzle.
  4. Best printed on NYLON or ABS filament with full/max density filling.


Complete assembly parts:

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How to:

tb rcp30 tws spurgear 5Just open/disassemble the TAMIYA WORK SPRAY unit until you get to the gearbox unit and replace the broken  stock spur gear with 3D printed ones.  You may need double check if the shaft hole and tooth so it doesn't have excess filament residue that will worn out other contacted parts or if it doesn't fit in/sit in nicely, else manual part sanding or chisel the filament residue around the gear tooth or hub hole of the spur gear required.

Recommended to be printed on Nylon type filament else ABS for solid and sturdy parts.  However i do not guarantee if the 3D print parts will last long on its lifespan equivalent to stock/original stock spur gear which much dependent on the 3d printed material used to print the gear so do use it at your own risk.  


alt Download STL file for 3D printing


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