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About: RC car gimbal stick adapter for TURNIGY / FLYSKY 9X.

Well i just blew off my surface/ground radio which i used a lot for FPV driving...the RADIOLINK RC4G pistol grip radio just gave out its ghost after years of hard use and its tixl rcp 48 stk 9x 9me for me to move on and find a replacement. Don't want to spend money so looking to re-use back any of existing radio for long range FPV driving i've decided to use the air radio unit which is the old classic TURNIGY and FLYSKY 9X.  The reason this one is good for long range FPV driving because it has removal/detachable radio transmitter unit which can be easily upgraded to use longer frequency range module such as UHF 433 Mhz, 900Mhz or other efficient 2.4Ghz protocol. By default 2.4Ghz air module already have a good radio wattage value which offer twice range more than surface type pistol grip radio.   Another advantages is air radio like 9X support from 6 Channel up to 8 Channel more than surface radio for the same price. The problem now is like all air radio the thumb stick moves freely in all direction and the throttle xl rcp 48 stk 9x 15stick doesn't center itself.  Back in the old days classic surface radio for R/C car, trucks, on-road and off-roader used to be thumb stick controller before pistol grip controller design becomes norm.  All thumb stick including throttle stick was centered with return spring build in and gimbal movement is single/one direction; up-down or left and right per-gimbal.  On air controller the stick move around freely in 360 with 2 channel assign per-gimbal stick.  So i've designed and 3d printed this adapter to convert the 9X air radio into traditional surface radio stick handling where in MODE 2 the left throttle stick would be 'restricted' to move just up and down and the right stick would go left and right for steering without accidentally mixing with the opposed axis stick. This helps to avoid stick movement confusion when driving especially when i'm on FPV video goggle strap-on over my head leaving just my thumb to sense the feeling how to navigate the stick about.

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Specification & requirements

This stick adapter will only fit on TURNIGY  and Fxl rcp 48 stk 9x 11LYSKY 9X radio controller.  There's no guarantee it will fit on other brands or models of stick radio controller.  However since the  9X series is 60% replica design of old version of SPEKTRUM DX 7 radio model it probably would fit in with minor modification such.  Below are list of radio with confirm 100% compatibility fit.

  • TURNIGY 9X radio

  • FLYSKY FS TH9X radio

Will works with all sticks MODE 1,2,3, 4 and etc.


Complete assembly parts:

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How to install:

The attached *.STL file contain just one  pieces adapter.  You'll have to print 2x pieces to complete the installation.  Note that each adapter have 'optional' 4x screw holes if you think you wanted use screws to secure them rigid on to the stick. On TURNIGY/FLYSKY 9X radio only 2x screw holes are needed to be installed per-gimbal starting from top to bottom hole only because that is where the usable flat mounting base on the stick located. Below are the step by step procedure.xl rcp 48 stk 9x 22

  1. First unscrew the top gimbal stick by hand, once done only the narrow stick shaft will be exposed.
  2. Slide in the adaptor and re-orient the axis position where you wanted.
  3.  Put hot glue or thin 3M sticky tape at the base of the adapter to the inner rim surface of the gimbal for rigid attachment.
    *Optional:  For more solid attachment you can drill a screw hole oriented on the top and bottom (vertical axis) of the gimbal (not the horizontal screw hole) and insert screw for rigid attachment.  You'll need 2x 1.5mm screw per-gimbal for the installation.
  4. If the stick doesn't have 'center' return spring which is common for airplane throttle stick then you can install rubber band on opposite side of the provided slot to help center the stick.


alt Gallery | alt Download STL file for 3D printing

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