Truck and trailers vehicles always been an ugly box and brick in looks hardly being aerodynamic nor sporty in the eyes of the motoring enthusiasts.  Wouldn't it be great if trucks would looks as sexy, sporty and exotics as any other small roadster or sports car around them.  Yes the truck can! So i decided to make a new change to the word "truck".  Something that turns lots of heads by adding a little magic into the design.

I've decided to make a truck looks sporty and aerodynamic, something that is appealing to sport car fans  and at the same time make something i should be proud to called my own mobile team racing fortress aka SupermotoXL Race Station Rig too. I  called this new truck  "XENTURION CD 34.0 XL-SC" (Super Carrier).  It would be sleek, rugged and aero looks, sporty and have attributes like a exotics roadster like having wings, spoiler, vents, *bling wheels and looks exotics than its opponent from the same counterpart.


General info | model: XENTURION CD 34.0 XL-SC | original release plan: Prototype showcase model | original release genre: show model | 3d tool: Z-modeler | texture tools: Corel Photopaint | original date release: 25-12-2010 | last Updated: --

Specification | production code: 17092010 | original format: Z3d (Z-modeler) | optional format: --- | avg face count: 105306 | avg vertices count: 115676 | (unit) x max texture size: (1x) 4096x4096 "*.TGA" (model body) | (unit) x min texture size: (2x) 2048 "*.TGA" (wheel textures) + (1x) 1024 "*.TGA" (stage floor) | reflection texture size: (2x) 256x256 "chrome_shine.tga" + "chrome_dark.tga" | transparency parts: yes | reflection support: yes | showcase ready: yes | uncompress file size: 128.0 MB | recommended tools: Z-modeler v1.07 | model type: Supercar | texture theme pack: included (2x) | - body_xen340_1.tga (Default -Original) | - body_xen340_1 (SupermotoXL Team Rig)

Click here for detailed view.. 3D view | alt Standard model | alt SupermotoXL Team Rig | alt Download