Back by popular demand, i hereby agree to resurrect the old 2005 CYBORX models and redesign it to a new "XYBORX" 2010. For those who have been with us for all these years you might remember this car as the first pure 'Alpha' design that gave out genetic characteristic to the popular NEMIXIS car and up till current date models. The most distinctive feature is the "Dual Whiplash" headlights design that first dominate the scene in car design world and first appear in gaming world in 2005. The solid 3d model production as compare to today quality is not much to be proud of but the ideas and the original design blueprint is usable and have the potential to evolve just like its grand children NEMIXIS up to CONXERTO. However unlike the exotic feature of its children CYBORX still remains as a domestic type street car and it will remains in its category till the end of XYBORX 2010 model.

The new 2010 "XYBORX" will follow latest design trends that can be found most of todays urban street cars such as HONDA CIVIC/CITY, KIA FORTE and other modern style design outline...bulk and aero sharp..ok there's a little bit being like the new TOYOTA Supra Concept wanna be. As shown in details above are thermic color indication marked on CYBORX 2005 models suggest changes to be done for new 2010 proposal. I will try my best to transform the old "CYBORX" to new "XYBORX" this year before my computer ended its life into retirement status due to bottle neck operating load....shows symptom of dying. I hope i could maintain a "familiar" appearance of the design to ensure CYBORX continous family resemblences from one generation to another.