news_conxerto_footageThe release of CONXERTO ED 30.0 XL-RS1 is getting closer to its due date.  However more tested need to complete its perfection especially for 4x4 EVO2 simulator which is why this week we do lots of test drive around the track.  We test speed, acceleration, handling, stability, suspension and see if there any physical UV defect or meshes which i may missed during production.  There would be several confirm variant to be released ranged at 30.x XL-## serial.  The confirm include Team PSU, Red Bull, Hatsune Miku Edition and Red XL Edition.  There a huge posibility than the next new models that is the 2010 XYBORX may inherit genetics characteristic from CONXERTO.  Well see it soon.  Right now you can view preview of CONCERTO video footage taken from SupermotoXL's Speed Test Track in EVO2 from two links as shown below.  Footage of CONXERTO driven by our very own The RED STIG.

Links to video:

You can also view it at our local video gallery too.