Today i've create 5  main components of similar attributes:

- Big block liquid coolant heatsink
A big thin finned and wide but lightweight carbon based metal that absorb heat from the motor and its surrounding and channel to the Compression/Boost tank.  Inside the heatsink contain channels of bored liquid coolant pipelines that loops in and out of external radiators.

- 2 stage compressor tank

Contain 2 types or air compression tank on each side.  The out most tank collect and increase air compression through thermal and the inner most tank is the Cache tank at extreme pressure to pump its air to the Turbo boost module.  Each thank have a fail safe called Waste Gate to dump surplus gas that exceed red zone pressure.

- Twin Turbo module with generator
Located between the Gear case and electric motor.  Provide extra torque or boost the motor pinion gear.  Boost input come from High Air Compression Tank or Boost tank.  The output will be dump out through exhaust manifold to the rear end.  The module contain 2x unit of  kinetic power conversion bearings.

- Gear transmission case
Bridging the motor pinion to the main shaft via variable shifting spur gear inside the case.  Located just behind the passanger cabin, behind the main chasis rear vertical beam and infront Twin Turbo module.  This gear transmission changed automatically based on motor RPM turns.

- Lithium battery pack.
Located below the rear motor, flat rectangular sized battery that powers most of motor running operation.  Due to its weight it is located almost below the wheel hub centerline for stable CG factor.