Yes it big, its huge and extremely massive compare to any vehicle models ever built. As shown is drafted scale of the planned modeling work as a box as perimeter guide. The highpoly car inside the box is just a comparison. Today it already a super exotic giant waiting to roll out into the digital road. Dubbed number #34 it actually waiting until XYBORX 32.0 to be released to complete the sequential release number in order but now still in debate among our member which we always discuss through PM and emails. This is actually a 10 wheeled 2 storey high super carrier could occupy maximum of 4x unit NEMIXIS size car into the elegant designed container. ....i won't get more deep to revealed the spoiler but you should able to find out this article inside the website hidden as usual, once you found it the AWARD POINTS should inform you about your finding by reward you 10,000 points and a ticket to Custom #34 mods work. Those who manage to found the full picture of this super carrier will have changes to own a custom design #34.x super carrier. Expected to be released by next month. Good Luck.