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l6052 11This is review of  "L6052" by "Lishitoys" which i got from GearBest.com . This model caught my attention because the airframe design is similar to Traxxas Alias and priced at far affordable than its competitor at only USD35 (February 2015).  It has sleek looking frame design, durable rotor arm, elegant, lolipop like LED illuminous lights and the rotor gear cleverly redesigned to be allocated at l6052 29the neck of the rotor instead of below the cage where its prone to damage in WL-Toys V929 type frame.  Its clean sleek design prompted me to get my hands on these plus my previous essential parts from my old V929 multi-rotor can be used on L6052 such as 1s 500mah~650mah can be easily fit in without any modification. The gaming controller  looks ergonomic without fancy physical gimmick.

I'm very happy with L6052 because its small enough to carry, light enough not to cause any injury or damages around me, can use compatible alternative parts in the online market and most importantly to be honest it doesn't  look as ugly like other quad in the market because the design looks very professional in build.  It has huge ground clearance in the middle of the frame for me to retro fit future DIY FPV gear which i'm going to install in the near future (probably few month later after i recover my budget).


l6052 2Model: Lishitoys L6052 headless mode 2.4G 4CH 6-axis RC quadcopter with 3D eversion function.
Stabilization/gyro: 6 axis gyro stabilization system
Control mode: High rate (for expert) + Low rate (for beginner)
Quadcopter battery: 3.7V 500 mAh li - poly battery
Flight time: Flying Time: 7~8mins
Charging Time: Approx. 60mins
Frame material: Elastic plastic
Night flight: Yes - LED luminance on rotor arm
Battery warning level: Yes - On board LED blink.
Rotor:  4x Coreless brushed motor on spur gear drives.

Remote Control: 2.4G DSSS anti-interference technology
Control Distance:
Basic functions: Forward, Reverse, Left, Right, Flip 360, Direction trimming, High rate and Low rate
Optional feature:
Start Video recording  and Photo shooting  (Require to p)urchase camera module on quadcopter separately)
l6052 4less mode: Yes
Transmitter battery required: 4 x 1.5V AA battery (not included)

Age group usage:
  14 and above
Handling:  Indoor and outdoor.  Windy weather required to activate "High rate" mode on controller.
For beginner user or indoor flight (no wind): Press "L" button on controller for "Low rate" mode.  This allow smooth handling of the quadcopter.
For intermediate and advance user or outdoor flight (windy condition):  Press "H" button on controller for "High rate" mode.  This allow more flight authority and maximum control over the roll, yaw and pitch to counter windy flight.

l6052 55Package included:    

1x L6052 multi-rotor/quad
1x Remote controller
1x 1s 500mah lipo battery
1 x USB battery charger
4x Spare blades
4 x Lightweight propeller guards + 5x screws
1 x Bag of miscellaneous screws
1 x Mini screw driver

Optional upgrade:    
1x 1.3MP HD camera


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  • Beautiful  and smooth designed airframe. Caged frame case looks good without the shell.

  • Robust and durable rotor arm.  Fully encased rotor gear spur.

  • Candy luminous LED lighting effect for better visual aid at night.

  • 6-axis gyro allow better control and stability.  Flip function works extremely well. Can handle windy condition when "High rate" mode is switched on  the controller "H" button.

  • Ergonomic gaming like controller, proportional and straight forward flying control.  Doesn't feel cheap and handles well

  • Able to use standard popular size 1s 500~650mah lipo battery from WL-Toys V929/949 and etc.

  • Propeller guard lightweight and durable enough to handle crashes and protect he propeller.


  • Bushing (no ball bearings for rotor mechanism unlike V929 model)

  • Gear binding. Requires several hours of run-in through casual flying and rotor spins to loosen up the binding.

Line Of Sight flight handling

l6052 33I must say i'm very impressed with the flight handling of L6052 despite it cost only USD$35 and had an impressive quality and material build.  On my first maiden flight it just hover steady upright without needing any major trimming or fighting over the control.  It just hover up and waiting for your input. 

The next day i flew outdoor in the morning around 10.00am where wind pickup its speed (because i live near the beach).  I expect it behave like V929 or atleast like my expensive Q450 or FPV250 multi-rotor however  L6025 took off and stabilized amazingly well despite heavy wind pouring in.  On windy condition i press "H" button to enable High Rate mode so i could have more pitch and roll handling to counter the wind.  It flew smoothly.  The acrobatic mode was also impressive especially under heavy wind.  There are two flip button on the shoulder of the controller above the thumb/joy stick.  Click/hold and move the thumb/joystick direction where you wanted to flip and it will raise a bit and flipped 360 acrobatically. 

When the red LED at the back of the quad is blinking it means that the battery is already at low voltage and you must land immediately.  Once it hit low voltage you will not able to do some aerobatics flips as safety precaution.

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Skills requirement

l6052 31Frankly speaking this is build for both beginner and intermediate pilot.   Very docile and tame enough to control for those who just join into R/C flying and also good enough for any intermediate to expert pilot who like to bash around the park.  The size is ideal to handle much wind and can tolerate any crashed or any error commit by beginners.  All i can say its hard to make any mistake in flight or cause any serious damage because L6052 is self stabilized and always get back into flying after numerous crashes (If you had already installed the prop guards before flying). Any small side drift can be compensated via controller trimming button.  The plastic material is very robust and boingy enough to accept general flying impact.  The electronics inside the quadcopter are fully protected and could tolerate any crash shocks externally.  I been bashing whole day outside the park and still able to flew next day without any faulty on the electronic or physically deformed.  Just remember to attached the supplied propeller guards before doing some clumsy bashing.  Another plus is its luminous LED light allow better viewing of your flight orientation during dusk, dawn, indoor our outdoor at night, excellent LED brightness not only help to see where you are going but also attract more people to watch you fly. 


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MediasHere are sample of video of unboxing, testing and flight on L6052 i posted on my Youtube channel,  should give you some glimpse of how it runs and handles...i really had lots of fun in the field so come watch the videos, Enjoy.




Here are list of reputable vendor/seller which i bought from and also verified by community forum discussion groups. Also i've experienced buying from these places that have good support and services:
1. Seller GearBest.com:  Lishitoys L6052 Headless Mode Selection 2.4G,  4 Channel,  6 - Axis RC Quadcopter 3D Eversion UFO
2. Seller GearBest.com:  Lishitoys L6052 Headless Mode Selection 2.4G,  4 Channel,  6 - Axis RC Quadcopter 3D Eversion UFO with 1.3MP Camera
3. Seller GearBest.com:  Spare Lishitoys L6052 / LS125 RC Quadcopter 3.7V 600mAh Battery RC Model Accessories
4. Seller GearBest.com:  Spare Lishitoys L6052 RC Quadcopter 1.3MP HD Camera + USB Cable RC Model Accessories

Support group:

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(updated: 9/2/2015)

  • I just received coupon code from www.Gearbest.com which allow you to reduce the price from $34.49 to $31.99  (regular price was $60.00).So copy the discount code for your purchase.
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Troubleshooting and FAQ

Here are common things you need to know else if you do encounter problem with L6025.

  • l6052 20Rotor gear binding?:
    Answer:  Some binding occur is due to gear spur and pinion inside the rotor installation have some plastic residue from factory plastic mold which need few light throttle runs to worn the plastic a bit to loosen the binding.  If the binding is too severe for example you can't/hardly able to rotate using your finger then you'll need to remove the rotor installation and manually re-adjust the motor/spur sitting or trim the gear teeth using pen knife to remove plastic residue.   Caution do not put so called "degreaser" lubricant such as WD-40 on the plastic gear as it will "chew" and melts the gear....as the name imply degrease means "de-grease" or eats off any tars or stubborn smudge.  If you need too put silicon oil or something used by R/C car model enthusiast or Tamiya Mini-4WD grease tube to smoothen the gearings.  But i you would like to listen to my experience better not put any lubricant at all because stock dry spur gear doesn't attract dirt or grime that may crunch and chew off the plastic gear by dusts, sands or debris you pick up during landing.  I had my days on R/C car with plastic gearing.

  • l6052 21No bearings?  Is it bad or good?
    Answer:  Having a bearing can smoothen up and reduce friction to the drive shaft/spindle of the rotor as it spins constantly . It also reduce stress to the motor too. Earlier models such as the WL-TOYS V929 and other old quadcopter have bearings to prolong life and increase performance at the expense of extra cost. L6052 have bushing instead but i don't think its bad at all because the good news is bushing is lighter than bearings so the quad can atleast have reduced flying weight and save cost on constant maintenance on bearing just like i did on V929. Just make sure don't put any degreasing (de-greaser) lubricant on its bushing because it will melts and chew off the spindle/shaft as it rubs each other.  Keep it dry and away from dirt.  If you keep it clean highly likely the quad will survive for another 3 years of weekly flights....experience tell me that.

  • Cannot do 360 aerobatic flip :
    Because:  If the red LED light behind the L6052 quadcopter/multi-rotor started to blink then you are unable to do the flip because its already indicate that the battery is already low and you must land immediately. 

  • l6052 28Cannot fly under heavy wind:
    Answer:  Press the "H" button to activate "High Rate" mode which allow you to have more pitch and roll to counter heavy wind.

  • Can i use lipo battery from WL-TOYS quadcopters?:
    Answer:  Yes you can, lipo battery rated at 1s 500~650mah of  quadcopter from WL-TOYS model V929 and V949 known to fit perfectly without modification.  3rd party 1s 600mah such as TURNIGY NANO-TECH from hobbyking.com also fits too.

  • What thing i need to know about battery lipo care?
    l6052 15Answer:  If you have fully charged lipo battery (1s 500mah) which full charged at 4.2v and you don't intent to fly in the next 3 days then you must drain it to "storage mode" meaning that you must drain off by plug-in to your quad and fly until the Red LED blink indicating the battery lipo is already drain off to exceptable limit capacity (minimum 3.7v~3.8v).  Then you can store the lipo battery safely until you need it to play again.   The lipo battery chemicaly can hold a fully charged mah/voltage for 2 days before its capacity and discharged performance deteriorate.  If you keep it full charged and unused for more than 3~7 days you will notice the lipo pack/stick battery will be bloated because the chemistry inside the lipo have changed and performance are extermelly bogged which you need to immediatelly dispose it safely into salt water.  That is why you notice people who charged their smart phone or notebook running on lipo battery at full charged will never last long on their lifespan.  So if you don't use it keep it at low voltage "storage mode".

  • l6052 56Unable to turn on the quadcopter or remote controller not responding:
    Answer:  Of course something telingl me that you're not reading the manual first...ok i'll tell you how.  (1)  Plug in the battery into the quadcopter. (2) Then turn on your controller. (3) Push your throttle up maximum and then pull down to the lowest point on your thumbstick, the controller will sounded double "beep" to confirm the binding startup with your quad. (4) Push the throttle slowly up to start flying.  Enjoy.   Else check your battery make sure its full charge, low powered indicated as red blinking LED on the quadcopter.




l6052 35If you're looking a multi-rotor/quadcopter for your first flight models, looks good at night or bash durable without tearing hole in your pocket the "Lishitoys L6025" is for you.  I've run some test and did compare with other multi-rotor/quadcopter that i own in my hangar no doubt the "L6025"  last longer in term of durability and usability because of flexible durable plastic material built. Most of commercial spare parts and compatibility are high on the list so you won't have problem searching for compatible spares with minor DIY mods.  Good news for me that 50% of my surplus WL-TOYS V929 can easily fit into L6052 such as lipo battery, Flight controller boards and some of those FPV electronics.    The quad itself is doesn't looks as offensive as V929 or DJI Phantom in the public, with prop guard installed and candy like LED light illumil6052 1nation it sure could attract some crowds and safe enough to play both outdoor and indoor. For me it looks beautiful and good...it reminds me of CASIO G-SHOCK watch.."durable, looks good and bunch of useful fun feature"... so its going to be my queen park flyer.   

Some where in the future or probbably within 3 to 5 months later i'm planing to convert this L6052 into FPV (First Person View) drone for flying both indoor and outdoor park size environment because the certain attributes of L6052 which make it ideal for FPV platform for having durable plastic airframe, attractive looking lights, safe prop guards and huge amount of spacing under the frame to place my FPV hardware.  L6052 should rival to my old V929/949 type platform.  As you expected the review for L6052 doesn't end here,  next review in FPV modification form will be available this year with exciting flights and video. I'm waiting for my budget to recover back to acquire some FPV hardware to make L6052 FPV possible.  Finally thanks to GearBest.com for their sponsorship and support. So stay tune for next exciting updates.



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