Hey how you ladies & gentlemen been doing?  Sorry for been out so long without news but worry no more here some good news for you  fans out there.  Soon i'm going to release a compact single seater F-1 style roadster which is now in alpha stage/prototyping. Something on par with "Caterham Super 7" or "Ariel Atom" level.  Built for fun and also to cater the need of self personalized easy going super exotics, will be a great treats for Second Life community too.  The base chassis is based on latest XYBORX rebuild into compact size sleek F-1 style fuselaj.  Single seater, simple no frill cockpit designs, doorless and its all about quick jump in and enjoy the ride.  I haven't got a name for this model yet but its definately the most compact and yet stylish urban and a mixture of retro style roadster i ever build.  Definately something new in SupermotoXL department.  Hope to get it done soon.  Cheers