Being the creator and designer of XYBORX i myself was stunned for hours watching idlelessly on my chair looking on my workstation LCD screen for hours at disbelieve that the outcome of my creation was far beyond my expectation and even my imagination, the future shines!!!. The design looks pure killer!! With proper lighting and color tone applied to the body XYBORX out shine its previous siblings expecially NEMIXIS. This has to be the coolest design i ever made yet a rare master piece!, it was design blindly without proper physical blueprint! All was designed with blueprint in my mind...brain power! its a true pure evolution model that use NEMIXIS base chassis progress slowly from one model to another before XYBORX..a recycled mesh model that evolves!. Yeah i sounds like i have a huge ego behind me but i can't help myself being so excited ever in my entire life. Last night i couldn't sleep but with huge smile on my face knowing this is something really huge. The car itself sit on its own class standing between fiction and reality. 10 years later it has come to this..awesome!... I haven't really properly texture UV MAP the body except for the stock wheels and brake kit nor i haven't yet furnished the external car with wiper and bits of necessity parts, but at standalone it looks superbly beautiful and badd ass. The car body wasn't in its final form yet because right now i'm still fix few problem on its surfaces where the vert produce awkward reflection and contour, Still in progress i believe the body alone is not even reach 50% perfection as what i think it looks like. I always use "Perspective view" always twisting 360 angle to find the right curve and lines thats shapes its body and move the very bit by bit to achieve the right curve. Till now i have huge concern about the body shape symerical value and the angle of each lines that makes up the overall design. My current design attributes required in this car was to have a classic, retro, muscular, futuristic and combination of east and western appearance that fits the universal language of a modern super exotic car. This design already fullfill every aspect of mens desire of a pure : wide body, muscles, aerodynamic, low CG, super evil headlights/rearlights, mad air gulping ventilation, body curve, killer front and rear looks, huge exhaust pipes, modern and muscular wheels, huge disc brakes, drag racing looks, flat air cutting body and bad boy looks. I need a car that says, "I have muscles", "I'm sexy", "I am an art", "I am the power", "I am badd ass", "I am exotic","I own the road" and "I own you". XYBORX have spoken.


Btw updated screenshots on XYBORX production at our Resources >> Gallery (Here)