These recent month are quite amaze me since i've released rapid amount of models for short period compare to previous years of development milestones. I need to put some air brake and concentrate doing some free hand research and going outside my home for intergalactic inspiration from above. Auuuummmmmmmmm!!!! Auuuummmmmm!!!

And so after several hums, mother nature gave an inspirational moto and artistic creation which blanked mysterious number #34.0 to its glory. National Geographics, Discovery Channel, Environment conciousness and anime all in one packed block buster....Bigger than life itself the new creation took toll on my teeny 1024x768 screen when it actually demand 4096x4096 quality. At 12.30am all 3 variants of megastructure #34.0 finally backed and uploaded waiting the clock ticking and strikes its luck number on its very celebrated day.