There's lots of thing racing through my minds about decision making type of shocks suitable for sports car like this. My ideas of shocks should be less maintenance, simple, easy to fix and less technical surrounding it. Because the car expected to have a very light weight mass so i don't think the shock absorber would suffer as much as real world sedan since the outer body is a Lexan plastic like material and the cockpit and overall are moulded composite material. So i decided to apply hydraulic oil over coil shocks of same type all on all wheels. The design and internal mechanism of the shocks is very similar to R/C style shocks got both efficient dampings and movements needed as the wishbone sways. Theoretically and practically there an ideas of magnet bias polarity tha repels againts each other as part of damping mechanism in the shocks cyclinders instead of nitrogen or air compression. After own several type of shocks on my bike and r/c models i bet coil shocks is still the best long term solution than fully hydraulic.