dev_concerto_door3There's a proof reason why CONXERTO have semi high cut swing door instead of full height door way to the base chassis for easy exit. Its looks difficult to get in the car but if you think rationally thats the best ideas to keep the car weight low, more side impact resistance and lighter to lift up the door.

Having semi fenced/closed bucket cockpit beside the driver seats provide more rigid protection and safety between the driver's side and outside, this allow more roll cage tube to be placed below the door almost same height as the driver's torso which hidden inside the wall slab. This is exotic cars, who cares if you need to make a big stance to leap between the door to your seat for the sake of protection, thus the car is already low enough for you to clear the exit gap, what else to be bother about. So now we got crash proof cockpit.

Second the door are lighter and less movable heavy debris if impact going to come over the driver sideways. Easy to lift and less hydraulic failure due to overload. The 15 to 30 degree horizontal off-set when opening allow more clearance for driver to get in the cockpit.

I thinks this idea bites because its good way to keep the side vents uninterrupted by door structure and overall improve protection and rigid chassis structure itself.