Its Sunday today so i took my time playing around with some texturing work on CONXERTO. Its was a bit mind puzzling to come out with some wack out paint theme since most of my previous paint pattern isn't up to date trend so i got some color inspiration from my GIRO helmet color and my KYOSHO Mini-z NISSAN XANAVI paint job styling. This time its "XL-Vicious Red" theme and  "Hatsune Miku" theme...however the Miku theme is not a finalized version since i just playing around with its decals.  The result are some cool whiplash paints. There nothing special about CONXERTO in this theme yet unlike XAVAGE GTR extra kit to make them looks very race legal so i keep CONXERTO street wise which is why there no numbering decals on its door. Soon there will be a CONXERTO GTR or JGTC after i work out some new air diffuser, downforce kit and wide GT spoiler and not to forget high off-set wheels.

Oh btw good news to fans out there, thanks to Mr. Nytro suggestion i will revive CYBORX (2005 version) into newly redesign CYBORX into this year 2010 edition. More details will be mentioned in our next article so stay tune.