As promised to show you full preview of original VEXUVIUS here are pose shots with door retracted swing mode.  Now with more sporty rugged interior adapted from XAVAGE cockpit meshes and heavy equipment loaded on the rear, wheels, roll cage and toolbox.  The door thick in dimension for more robust and impact factor.   At first glance it may remind you of its old grandparents the MAXXIMUS but with all modern and mature looks.  Well thats it for our VEXUVIUS construction phase.  Its all done to its final detail.  Whats left now are to accomplish creating several variant/off-spring of VEXUVIUS with lines of upgraded genetics.   I will be receiving first 3 special request for customized VEXUVIUS for fans.  Will be waiting for email reply for those who are interested.   I will also have my own special SupermotoXL Special Edition VEXUVIUS coming soon.