Whirl Wind version 3 (for 4x4 EVOLUTION 2) is already on its day 12 of development milestones. However i'd predicted it will take much longer to develop since it involve both creation of scenery object development work and terrain construction. Probably 2 or 3 month depending if i could get both hands (building car/trucks models vs track model) worked parallel. Unlike the Whirl Wind version 1 (prototype -2003) and 2 (RPG platform adaptation- 2005) version 3 land size are smaller by 50%, 70% dense with hand made vegetation and solid rock objects (collision box) and much news_tb_ww1narrow and challenging trails.
The version 3 also include some North Shore trail bike style planks/ramps to test balancing and precision of driving plus it allow driver to view and experience driving above tree canopy and view overall scene the depth of the forest.

Designed for high rise SUV and rock crawling off-roader because of its harsh terrains and there no point driving X3-SIXTY in there as it will stay stationary all the time. To create high populated object on the track on 4x4 EVOLUTION 2 simulator with limited amount of 3d object support by the sim i have to out smart the game system by merging every object as 1 individual object but with reduction of polycount hence let texture to the groud shading to keep the object real and smooth. The environment lighting is pretty much at dusk because the cloud that i animated imitate dusk like moments and greats for sun down exploration with lighting turned "ON" on off-road vehicle (will seen make more lighting kits for another special news_tb_ww_fm1VEXUVIUS for this purpose). To keep me permanently addicted to rock crawling with precision driving and steering i hook a VRC USB sim kit wirelessly connected via FM 40Mhz controller so i could drive arounnews_tb_ww_0d the track both testing and at final phase of beta testing. With keyboard it really sucks up the thrills pretty bad.

Whirl Wind is a big thing for me because its the last thing to prove if i could do same quality and handwork just like i did on my car and 4x4 designs. Anyways being and R/C rock crawling and serious off-roading enthusiast i was hoping if i could do the best on this track so i wouldn't have to go out everyday under bad weather to play off-roading instead being on my PC all day. For 4x4 EVOLUTION 2 fans, keep your nose stick in to our development work and sniff out some cool info. We will update/blog more frequently at our concept and development page. Cheers.