I was in a hurry today so i just do a simple surface "face" work for the rear cabin hatch back and hood.  Without a blueprint its possible the workwill become a hedious object, can be big gamble but after work on "face" poly attachment finally the products seems to bear positive out come.  The hatch back looks more rigid and brutal in looks: wide, muscular and look attractive as if it comes out from Master Chief Hummer.  I like it very much thanks to random hand made face work.  But it seems that i over do the front roof canopy with too many polygon structure causing the removable hatch vs the cabin roof doesn't looks matching or harmony in designs.  The rear hatch more modern  and rigid in looks however the canopy looks too urban and soft side.  I've decided to do some modification to the canopy roof to match the hatch back later too more flat and rigid, my opinion this truck is going to kill of Hummer military issue model.  Take note that i decided earlier that VEXUVIOUS suppose to be twin cabin with rear open bed truck with detacheable rear hatch.