Since i got the meshes smoothen and poperly detached finally i've reached to a special process where the meshes will be UV MAP with base color for rendering purpose.  The color are layout on 1024x1024 texture and partitioned into two types of gradient color: light silver and dark gun metal.  These two color are the usual  trademark signature color for SUPERMOTOXL identity just like Ferrari on red color.  The silver colored gradient texture i apply 70% on most outer body shell surface of VEXUVIUS while the dark gun metal color i apply 30% of the area where the meshes surface is very much located deep and angular around the corner to provide contrast of shape and looks againts silver lit surface expecially the "X" beam like structure on front and rear.  The gradient color provide natural static contour on the body.  However i won't apply these gradient color on smaller parts as these required dedicated detailed texture work.