Finally after months of development and research, our SupermotoXL Designs latest Concept Super car released, named “XAVAGE” (XAVAGE CD 24.0 XL-XCR ++). The models are now available in two packages and ready for public downloads:

-XAVAGE CD 24.0 XL-XCR in SDK (SupermotoXL Development Kit) Package for conversion and mod works
-XAVAGE CD 24.0 XL-XCR for 4x4 EVOLUTION game add-on cars in POD format.

news_xavage_tb_releaseThe following list of models available for download both:
-XAVAGE CD 24.1 XL-850R
-XAVAGE CD 24.3 XL-GTR (SupermotoXL Edition)
-XAVAGE CD 24.4 XL-GTR (Track Mania Edition)
-XAVAGE CD 24.5 XL-GTR (Project Diva: Hatsune Miku)
-XAVAGE CD 24.6 XL-GTR (SupermotoXL Carbon Edition)
-XAVAGE CD 24.7 XL-GTR (Nvidia Edition)
-XAVAGE CD 24.8 XL-GTR (Granturismo Edition)

Go download now:
-Download 4x4 EVOLUTION 2 format
-Download (HD Edition) SDK Development Kit

For those who love to do texture editing and painting for XAVAGE, these editable templates will be available at the end of the month. Also we uploaded few newly designed sets of street and GT wheels at Wheels page for your modding pleasure.
Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.