Okay ,as commented by our members and visitors yesterday about XYBORX rear thing I guess I would need to reconsider resizing the size of XYBORX rear end to smaller mass. So I ended shave up the lower end, lowered the top shoulder, align the side ventilation duct  width almost some line with the side body and overall make in more natural in proportional to the chassis size. Having a huge rear only apply to rear engine only but this car only have it on front.  The “X” arch now re-align to parallel to the roof lining all straight downwards which makes the rear windows/hatch looks wider than conventional design.  Overall at perspective view the rear are almost smooth and roundish.  The rear does almost resemble the shape of Nissan 350Z but in its unique way too. As you can see the above images you can see before and after the changes have been made.