Been doing a lot of brain squishing thinking of what kind of changes and design to be implement for the XYBORX rear looks.  First came to my thought was to put mid horizontal beam for the "SupermotoXL" place holder between the lower "X" arch just like the one we have on 1st generation "CYBORX".  Also added a bumper on the base with place holder for license plate number in the middle upper bumper.  At the base added 8x strips of mini air diffuser.  The "X" beam thickness have been increave to give it more bulk or phat looks. The only mid boggling that worry me is the rear lights, i wasn't sure if i keep it the CONXERTO style, roundish like NEMIXIS or cyclindrical pop-out like the original CYBORX/EXODUS.  The rear headlights should have matching design as the front headlights.   Expected each rear and headlights will have silver eye liner to give it a contrast looks. Till then i leave it and continue to clean up some redundant vertices on rear end.