After lots of thinking i decided to redesign the wheel that was previously fitted on XYBORX.   I think this car looks best if using a thicker wheel perimeter and with a smooth center line on its 6 flange configuration.  Instead of pricky tabs on the surface of the rims instead i placed 4 bolts between two flange which makes up = ( 6 x 4 bolts) which placed in drilled wheel block around its perimeter to give it more like a real concept road dragster,  The cosmetic looks on its center ring with its "SupermotoXL" logo in the center have been replaced with solid 3D object rather than texture.  The tires polygon counts have been increase to create smoother wall and also for future purposes to enable "3D stress/flex point" effect applied to create rubber lilke inflate/deflate looks as the tire rolls as in LFS simulator.  Overall the model have an increase 2 fold in poly count but with todays high speed CPU processor i think it should able to run without any lag in games/simulator.  This new wheel is given a model name as "Saturn XR6-XL"