Its too early to revealed the whole scene yet because i want to keep it as big surprise.  As shown is actual shadowy outlook of XYBORX #32 as rendered in Z-modeler from front and side view.  The new generation XYBORX have wider cockpit width, longer front chassis to accommodate the front engine placement...yes this time the engine going to the front.  It has flat low height roof and longer windows length.  XYBORX aims to place itself among crowds of familiar faces and styling such as the TVR Speed 12, Cereberra, Shelby, Supra Concept and Dodge VIper.   XYBORX have a very tricky body design unlike all of its brother and sisters because of its major outlooks of its surrounding the engine place holder, dynamic vents, exhaust system and scoops.  You can assume that from the looks of the hood length sure the engine placement is beyond V12 +.  However you cannot judge it early if its going to have any similarity between new and old generation CYBORX because of it current red highlighted on its 3d meshes...definately it will have the same traits.  Just wait for its next preview.