2 years ago there was its old big brother NEMIXIS, big, wide, robust, phat and fast aero design. As year pass the design trend changes, sharp edged and polished metal starship was too retro to fit into 2007 class road sport car as it more like concept feeling rather than out of the box roadster.....sometimes i have the feeling its to bulky for a car like that to roam around on the road except if it deployed on dedicated 24HRS LEMANS race track. So on late December 2006 i decided to re-sketched the NEMIXIS design into a new models which is more public appealing and looks more mature and real like road going sportscar. The original project name was called n360GT. The idea behind the project was to find was to compact NEMIXIS chassis into smaller more flexible and easy to drive as a sports car. Real life car referencing to this project are cars like LAMBORGHINI GALLARADO, LOTUS ELISE, FORD GT-40 AND 2007 CAMARO CONCEPT. The evolution of design from NEMIXIS CD 12 XLGT to X3-SIXTY CD 14 XRS deployement similar phase as we seen how LAMBORGHINI MUCIELAGO base design turn into compact LAMBORGHINI GALLARADO.
"X3-SIXTY" frontal nose and rear chasis have been squished toward the center making it the body length shorter by around 25%-30% . Driver cocpit and canopy also have been shorten to exact driver seated length and sacrificing spacious size from its original construction. Front wheel move back with almost minimal gap infront of the door closing gap line. Bottom base chassis have been narrowed like a ship lower hull to make it looks more side clearance for cornering obstacles. Unlike NEMIXIS, X3-SITY doesn't have side skirting at the base chassis....its has more looked like FORD GT-40 bowel. Front face lift have been redesign: nose point have been rise higher for more lower vent air intake + added extra fog lights and also extra center mini "X" beam below the nose. Size nose cone refined and narrowed side. Rear body appearance redesigned: Smalller and hallow type dual rear led brake lights. Wider "X" beam with blunt angle styling + extra lower "X" beam in the center to support dual centralized oversize exhaust pipe. Two heat sink port just below the rear light also been contructed for better engine ventilation system.

Dual oversize exhaust pipe for better fume clearance. Two heat sink port just below the rear light also been contructed for better engine ventilation system.

Project details:
Project number: CD 14.0 XL-XRS
Official name: X3-SIXTY
Planning date: Dec 2006
Construction date: Feb 2007

Design specification:
-Narrow wall at the chassis baseline. (non-skirt type)
-Short frontal nose and rear chassis for better obstacle clearance and more compact looks
-Wider rear" X" beam
-Higher stretched frontal hood collar
-Dual blade slanted head lights
-Deep hallow rear headlights
-Centralized oversize dual exhaust pipe
-Compact foward cockpit
-Extra mini fog frontal lights with embedded in reinforced lower front beam
-Standard stock muscular 6 flange wheel design universal for both front and real assembly matchup
-Polycarbonate styling body shell
-Fin vented rear side air venting
-Normal horizontal swing door. (no scissors or gull wing doors)

3d polygon specification:
Approximately 42,000 polys for whole unit
Non-lag smooth wheels

altThe construction took about 2 months, lots of hot chocolate drinks and load of mp3 music to keep me awake whole night working the models using trusty old Z-modeler version 1.07 and good old Corel Photopaint to keep the work at quality output. However there's a reduction of texturing size per models because currently its max resolution per texture on X3-SIXTY is 1280x1280 pixel size instead of original plan of 2048x2048 pixel size like i did on NEMIXIS because current workspace size on my SAMSUNG LCD could max my rendering print screen on the models up to 1280 pixel width size. Monitor size does a major factor printing out layout size of the texture models. I hope i have eough cash next time to buy a good quality high resolution LCD monitor.
For the first time there will be no "scissors door" or "gull wing door" styling on "X3-Sixty" that is because the door too small to get public attention for its door opening style....or probably the fact i'm too lazy to create angular pivot to swing it around....its trouble some! In 2005 till now we got the noir old film style of the flick sixty monochrome color theme on all my models. This time i'm putting on some striking color which stands out among the crowd plus some racing stripes thanks to color inspiration from the movie transformer: a CAMARO named BUMBLE BEE. Yup! its the right choice. Plus i design a spunky phat muscular 6 flange wheelsets to match its muscular looks, also its more lighter 3d polygon without high poly titbits of bolts and nuts around the rim perimeter and center hub unlike the previous wheel design...its looks good on clean simple stock design. Cocpit also was straight foward simple in design and i'm putting it darker color since all the time i just had enough with cream interior.
This there won't be much on X-RAY edition on this models because of of the intenal parts the hid behind the walls is not available because i need to save up and reduce model polycount to avoid it from being lagged when running on common CPU performance on every computers. Well that's about it. I'm planing to make few variants before leaving it dusty for another few year to come. Hope "X3-SIXTY" finds its glory in 2008.

There can only be only one in the world: one brain, one man, one design and millions of ideas.

General info | models: X3-SIXTY CD 14.0 XL-XRS | platform: PC / Mac (e1) | version: 4x4 evo1 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 2.121MB (evo1) | date released: 10-1-2008

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