altTRC "Torqued Rock Crawler" variant.
The "TRC" (Torque Rock Crawler) version is the original specification of VEXUVIUS. The specification built for serious over the rock expedition climb any obstacles beyond and 4x4 vehicle limitation. With high suspension lift kit, serious rock crawling tyre with bead locked wheels, winch, k-bars, rollcage, 5.9L V8 hybrid engine huge torque power, full manual control axle slipper the XEVUVIUS TRC variant will put mother nature against the machine to the test.

The birth of VEXUVIUS **(for TRC variant) was inspired my enthusiastic into rock crawling activity via radio control models. In real life rock crawling is very much an adventurous sport and need skilled man in handling both machine again the environment where physically unpassable obstacles are crawlable. It took me months to to fully indulge my passion in technical work of the crawlers. I realised having an ultimate 4x4 machine doesn't mean it has something to do with speed but its all about skilled driving and torque power. To make this activity affordable by immerse the activity into virtual reality VEXUVIUS was built with its physic inspired by rock crawling r/c models...i hope in reality a full scale VEXUVIUS will one day reborn. VEXUVIUS was named after the mountain god VESUVIUS which reflect its power and mighty over the top of high mountain summit hence thus its characteristic as it was.

altWith enthusiasm to recreate rock crawling version of MAXXIMUS with more modern exotic looks i decided to start making a new design from scratch with all dimension measurement and outline similar to MAXXIMUS. The first plan to built 4 seater with rear truck bed and 4 door but cut back to 2 door two seater hatch back design. MAXXIMUS have classic truck like frontal and rear appearance but i planned VEXUVIUS to have more sedan car like or exotic looks such as aero headlights and rear lights, smooth aero outlines and mid mounted exhaust to give it a sporty looks.

Few signature remains constant such as the "X" beam and flat sharp lines remain as trademark in all "CD" designated marking. To show evolution from one species to another through DNA evolution of design XEXUVIUS carry on legacy of XAVAGE partial genetic imprint into its physical self but in a form of super off-roader genre. The rear "X" beam, headlights case, lines of narrow dark panels, sharp mirror like center lines and aerohead like windshield carries on its genetic to present day. Not to forget it also share partial looks of classic MAXXIMUS overall physical outline looks, in VEXUVIUS the rear hatch, frontal and rear face improved with more aerodynamic and modern looks. However due to the fact VEXUVIUS built as exotic off-roader and crawler the chassis have only 2 doors, 2 seaters and enough compartment to store survival tools and spare of adventurous journeys and lightweight concern.

Front and rear tip end distance to wheel base are shorter compare to standard 4x4 models allow more clearance to navigate steep angle surface especially during rock crawling without hitting the front and rear tip first. The main headlights and rear lights are mounted higher above the wheel fender level away from possible mishap at prone impact area plus added areodynamic modern looks like a sport exotics light case design. Exhaust muzzle integrated in mid section of the rear panel for mishap avoidance and sporty looks, also another means to maintain constant design trademark throughout lines of SupermotoXL Designs.

VEXUVIUS **(for TRC variant) is very torque-ish truck concentrate more on "power to climb" gear ratio with locked differential for all around slipless traction over the rock. Its features solid axle, higher ground clearance and short length chassis almost Jeep like size for manouverability over rough and narrow turn terrains. The tire are very claw-ish for greater and deep gripping power over rocky and loose obstacles. Full time 4wd transmission and powerful vertical braking power. The front nose and rear length from the main wheel hubs are very short allow more clearance and climbing angle away from ground and object obstacles.

Below are some specification embedded inside VEXUVIUS:


  • Model: XH8-ENG6TRCli>

  • Engine block: 8 cyclinders V8 hybrid with 6 compressor output for hydraulic operation *(Depending on Variant)

  • Piston stroke configuration: "X" 360 degree optimal 4 side push stroke

  • Cams: pneumatics cam shaft + 4x chain drive synchronous pull

  • Fuel Injection system: HPVI (High Preasure Vapour Injection)

  • Horse power: 210HP - 1,028HP range *(Depending on Variant)

  • Cooling system: DENSO Dual radiator

  • Manifold: 8 port oversize chamber with cooling fin

  • Exhaust port: 4 port

  • Transmission: 6 Speed Manual + Dual drive: 4WD to Crawler mode *(Depending on Variant)

  • Gear transmission mech: Dual transmission: normal gear cog to worm gear drive for crawler mode.

  • Differential axle slipper control: Dual mode: Manual to Auto LSD

  • Differential axle slipper mech: 5x orbit gear with lock capability


  • Calipers: 8 piston variable size hydraulic caliper + twin hose routing include fail safe extension (Full front and rear)li>

  • Disc: Hardened Nitrate coated ventilated disc rotor

  • Control: Dual Mode: Manual to Auto ABS


  • Power steering: Dual pump steering compressor with fail safe modeli>

  • Steering trimming/dual rate: Included


  • Suspension system: Full McPherson Struts type with free movement ball>

  • Shocks/Dampers: BILSTEIN Twin air hydraulic dampers + EIBACH coiled springs + Cabin GYRO stabilizer compression sensors

  • Linkage: Ball linkage arm set


  • Outer body shell: Carbonate Polylexan memory shellli>

  • Inner shell holder casing: Polycarbonate plastic shell

  • Main chassis: Hi tension drilled steel beam + anti torque flex stabilizer bar


  • Passanger capacity: 2 passangerli>

  • Luggage compartment fitting: 5x standard travel size luggage or 1x crawler tyres + 1xtoolbox

  • Safety: 2x airbags + Ceiling height steel roll cage.

  • Cockpit base chassis: Monocoque high tension carbon fiber cabin housing

  • Wall panel and ceiling: Monocoque ABS impact resistant rubber panel

  • Seat: XVG type narrow half bucket leather seat

  • Dashboard: XVG type ABS polycarbonate plastics

  • Instrumental panel: OLED display + analoque meter for engine rev and kmh/mph display

  • Gear shifter: Streering Trigger Shifter (STS)

  • Brake: Side hand pull

  • Windows + windshield: High impact polycarbonate plastic


  • Engine ECU: ECUHBc-3.0GXL with semi auto variable engine timing and hybrid control + full fibre optic signal relay + 24 port input/output interface + Engine and hybrid brushless motor timing control (manual, learning, pre-load automatic mode) + hybrid fail safe/throttle cut off feature + coolant control and fuel/power managementli>

  • GPS: GARMIN 4 point geo positioning

  • Headlights: HID with variable focus lenses

  • Rear lights: HI-OLED (High Illuminating -Organic LED)

  • Signal: HI-OLED (High Illuminating -Organic LED)

  • Fog lights: Halogen HID wide long beam

  • Battery: 12V 8000mah Dry state battery

  • Hybrid operation battery: 4S2P Lithium-Fe pack

  • Crawler GYRO processing unit: GY5-2.4GXL full axis gravity and cabin altitude sensor + 8 terminal output to suspension struts device + 8 terminal input sensor from external sensor device + 1x terminal DVI display + 2x USB terminal for user input + 4.8V DC input + 2.4 Ghz Intel single core processor + Fail safe module for vehicle traction and balancing control.


Specification for normal VEXUVIUS TRC series: (Approximate value)
Max power 1,028hp / 7400rpm   Max torque 957ft-lb / 7000rpm
Engine Hybrid X-8
  Displacement 5.3
Drive train AWD   Weight 2150kg
0-60km 5.4 sec   Max Speed 220kmh
0-100km 10.8 sec   Braking
32.2m / 5.7sec
Specification for normal VEXUVIUS TR series: (Approximate value)
Max power 575hp / 4800rpm   Max torque 550ft-lb / 3200rpm
Engine Hybrid X-8
  Displacement 3.7
Drive train AWD   Weight 2010kg
0-60km 4.2 sec   Max Speed 350kmh
0-100km 8.8 sec   Braking
37.2m / 4.2sec
Specification for normal VEXUVIUS UR series: (Approximate value)
Max power 210hp / 4800rpm   Max torque 225ft-lb / 3200rpm
Engine Hybrid X-8
  Displacement 3.7
Drive train AWD   Weight 2780kg
0-60km 7.2 sec   Max Speed 250kmh
0-100km 12.8 sec   Braking
37.2m / 8.7sec


VEXUVIUS have shown several important value that are usefull for our next future development of super off-roader both in design, engineering and conceptual theory. Simulated research and development on VEXUVIUS shows that there no limit on what design and ideas we could implement as long we have will to create it. I learn the most important thing in my life when it comes to pull out new ideas for an automobile designs, "we don't have to follow others, we follow our own ways". Uniqueness is our trade and ideas is our talent.

General info | models: VEXUVIUS CD 28.2 XL-TRC | platform: PC / Mac (e2) | version: 4x4 evo2 | class: Career | default access in game: NISSAN | avg file size: 7.41MB (evo2) | date released: 26-May-2010

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