img cl antennaOh look you just bought a new antenna for your video receiver, nice and branded eh? 
Say what you got lousy range?  Now you blaming the video transmitter "mw" problem and your neighbor wifi?

Before i proceed with my tips and advice go checkout these links below, you might have some ideas why:

Read it already? Good.   So why you should custom made your own antenna?  Because you wanted to tuned in to listen to your "own" radio/video frequency on. Yes that right! If you follow the links above you should be able to DIY make your own antenna to "fine tune" to your own selection of frequency and filter out others too which is good when you combined it with Patch antenna on receiver side.  For example FPV video frequency for 5.8ghz have selection from 8~32channel (or what you think as 32 lane of highway).  With the above tutorial links you can cheaply DIY your own antenna eg: Clover Leaf to tuned specifically to one of your favorite channel only.  If you like to run one CH7: 5925hz then make a CH7: 5925hz specific transmitter CL antenna and SPW antenna that tune to only CH7: 5925hz on receiver side, this should filter out other unwanted frequency.

Mass produced cloverleaf/spw antenna or mushrooms from factory are called "generic" antenna. Manufacturer don't have time and resources to make specifically tune to 1 to 1 frequency antenna. (eg: transmit CH7: 5925 to CH7:5925 on receiver) because its cost money and not all customer on the same channel of they decided to make generic/compatible ones for everyone of any channel to enjoy..that's bad because that antenna may catch other frequency too.   Instead of wasting $$$ why not DIY.  My cheap home made from core copper tv cable to CL antenna build can penetrate the same time debunk that 5.8ghz couldn't go through thick moisture.  That is because mine are super tuned thanks to tutorial and Ibcrazy from   So if you want true long range performance go DIY your own antenna because its going to make a huge differences like day and night.