img startfpv gsI'm sure you're read all around the internet FPV R/C community on how to properly turn on your FPV gear but doesn't tell you why.  Here some step and why should you for pre-caution and safety.

  1. Turn on your video transmitter first.  Let the "analog" video frequency propagate the surrounding such as 900hz and1.2/1.3/2.4/5.8ghz because these are "stubborn" frequency that doesn't hop around unlike frequency hopping 2.4ghz controller.
  2. Then check if your video frequency is not interrupted by other sources or check if any clashes/conflict with your FPV buddies equipment.
  3. Check around you for potential sources of soon to be radio interference eg radio tower, wifi and even your phone signal.  You might not get any interference on ground level but somewhere at permitted altitude you're going to get some.
  4. Then turn "on" your 2.4ghz radio transmitter (Futaba/Jr/Spektrum/Generic GFSK protocol and clone radio).  The 2.4ghz radio transmitter will briefly scan any unoccupied bandwidth lane within 2.4ghz else jump into new lane to avoid conflict if FPV video transmitter frequency occupied it.  Smart radio frequency eh? (DSM/DSM2/DSSS/GFSK and etc).
  5. Then you are ready to fly.

**Oh if you have a Go-Pro with WIFI activated please follow step one first before turning your radio transmitter.  Lots of people have fly aways because the some radio 2.4ghz receiver onboard the flying models may accidentally listed to closest 2.4ghz WIFI frequency onboard causes "control lock out" instead of listening radio frequency from ground radio transmitter from the pilot.