altInfo: Its been a long time i haven't invest my time on TEC-DEC. So this time i'm warming up my hand on simple creative ideas before i move on into next level of serious work. I designed a 4x4 evo garage which simulates actual mini plastics kits assembly on modelers desk. Every single blank parts surround the box simulate actual plastic mold scaled around 1:25 using......

General info | model: TD-XL Hobby Kit .47 | original release plan: race simulation | original release genre: game | 3d tool: Z-modeler | texture tools: Corel Photopaint | original date release: 25-4-2005 | last Updated: --

Specification | production code: 10042005 | original format: Z3d (Z-modeler) | optional format: 3ds (3d Studio) | avg face count: 124077 | avg vertices count: 107182 | (unit) x max texture size: (2x) 1024x1024 | (unit) x min texture size: (1x) 512x512 | reflection texture size: (1x) 256x256 | optional parts: yes (showcase - car) | transparency parts: yes | reflection support: yes | showcase ready: yes | uncompress file size: 9.54 mb | recommended tools: Z-modeler v1.07 | model type: TEC-DEC Garage set

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