altNow that's what i call industrial strength vehicle garage. This is what you get when you fused air tunnel testing chamber with nuclear silo and recycled it into your very own backyard vehicle garage minus the radio active stock piles. Unlike other TEC-DEC that was designed previously this one is designed in narrow area, surrounded with radial perimeter with....

General info | model: TD-XL REACTOR .52 | original release plan: race simulation | original release genre: game | 3d tool: Z-modeler | texture tools: Corel Photopaint | original date release: 25-4-2005 | last Updated: --

Specification | production code: 15042005 | original format: Z3d (Z-modeler) | optional format: 3ds (3d Studio) | avg face count: 83539 | avg vertices count: 75130 | (unit) x max texture size: (1x) 1024x1024 | (unit) x min texture size: (2x) 512x512 | reflection texture size: (1x) 256x256 | optional parts: yes (showcase - car) | transparency parts: yes | reflection support: yes | showcase ready: yes | uncompress file size: 6.26 mb | recommended tools: Z-modeler v1.07 | model type: TEC-DEC Garage set

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