Starting on 20th May 2012 "ACACIA ARCHITECTURE" a company that runs in SECOND LIFE community that produce models for Second Life Market place now will be the legal distributor for all "SUPERMOTOXL DESIGNS" models inside Second Life community/Market Place. The company given full distribution and commercial rights with given share precentage benefits on both side of the party.The take over of rights by "ACACIA ARCHITECTURE" happens after withdrawals of EKIRA INDUSTRIES of Second Life from being the distribution agent for SupermotoXL automobiles.


ACACIA ARCHITECTURE's team "HORO" and their related affiliates team in SL will undertake the modification/conversion and distribution of "SupermotoXL Designs" automobiles in Second Life. Community of Second Life will now able to purchase and enjoy variants of SupermotoXL Designs models produce by the team of ACACIA company. Also in related news the past contract between "XL-RD Customs" and "ACACIA" will not be affected and will remain active as usual. We hope to spectate great production and positive development from ACACIA ARCHITECTURE and their team in Second Life. Cheers.