Introducing newly designed wheelsets for XYBORX comes with two variant notably having whirlpool like design in 5 to 6 flange configuration. Beefy alloy wheel on the outer off-set of the flange to give modern muscular looks, bulky mid wheel perimeter for extra inner tube damping on the tyre and two color tone for exotic looks. The decision to make this wheels was because the previous wheel used by XYBORX was actually suit best only for CONXERTO and the wheels itself doesn't give "oommpphh" factor from public point of view as feedbacked by our Beta tester. So i've designed a wheel that give superb phat looks for XYBORX before its big day. As you can see from the results you knew XYBORX will come in two models at the end..or probably more.

REVOX F5-XL is a 5 flange wheels built for standard wheel setup for stock XYBORX. Clean looks, two tone grey polish and dark pewter color towards the center, rigid and modern sporty looks.

REVOX F6R-XL built for upcoming performance XYBORX GT variant for performance and rigid handling. Wheel perimeter riveted with bolts for better stress distribution and 6 flange configuration with an increase of 5% in length compare to F5-XL model to increase durability thus increase inertial spin.

During XYBORX release soon will showcase differrent sizing for Front and Rear spec where front have bigger wheel diameter, shorter width while the rear will have thicker tire, smaller wheel diameter and wider width as proportional longer deeper hub off-set.