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FPV build updates

Some quick updates for you all FPV on-road/off-roading fans and builder out there. I've made a tutorial and guides how to build your own FPV car/trucks which i recently implemented on my classic TAMIYA WILD WILLY 2 as my n + 1 additional collection of builds to lines of FPV models family.  The build are similar to my previous crawler, rock racer and my older build with exception of additional extra 'camera switcher module' with rear CMOS camera hardware added which not present nor documented in the previous FPV schematics plan during last year written article about 'How to' build your own FPV off-roader at this page (here - FPV scale 4x4 off-road - User guides & advance setup FPV scale 4x4 off-road - User guides & advance setup).  But the method of building and workflow remained the same so hopefully with this video it helps you to clarify and understand the whole picture how my FPV trucks/cars works and allow you to motivate building your own FPV models in the future. Btw video of my builds is shown below:


+ Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LXJxh13u1M


+ Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L2ZIRelhbY

I will be building more wheeled FPV platform since i still have surplus of build parts especially for wheeled platform in my inventory and definitely more videos ona 'How to' will be published soon for different models.  After than i'll be back again building a fixed wing FPV and UAV (that SONIC MODELL stuff) all on videos again once resources such as flight controller and HD cams for fixed wings are in hands.  But to keep you updated please subscribe to my video channel and my Youtube here (3DXL click here) so that you'll get notified since i have tendency to record more activity in my hangar and post more videos this season just to keep me away from dozing of from boredom, lol.  So stay tuned for my next updates.

David L.